You haven’t eaten authentic romanian mici if you haven’t prepared them with cabbage

Microwaving – A Fast and Convenient Way of Modern Cooking – But How Safe is It?

Preparing and cooking meals on the fast track with ultimate convenience in the kitchen through the mighty appliance – microwave oven, the trend of modern lifestyle. Is it natural and healthy though? Can diners still enjoy the taste and nutrients like conventionally cooked food? Let us share the basic of how microwave cooks food, so that we can live to appreciate food the fine ways.

Free Soul Food Recipes – Top 5 Benefits

Free soul food recipes continue to grow in popularity. Here’s the top 5 benefits voted on by my readers this month with a brief explanation.

Pancake Traditions

Pancakes and pancake recipes are very popular in many countries of the world. You will find variations on the basic theme in many different countries cuisine, but they do tend to share some basic things in common – a flat cooked dish made using flour (although not always wheat flour), preparing by frying.

Prawns Are a Meal-Time Favorite!

With their firm texture and sweet taste, prawns and recipes for prawns are sure to delight your guests, no matter who they are. Cleaned and de-veined, prawns can be served on their own, or with simple garnishing, such as mango chutney or a garlic aioli. Skewered and grilled prawns are a crowd favorite and a perfect way to start a dinner party.

Versatile and Healthy Prawns Go With Everything From Salad to Pasta!

Prawns are without a doubt some of the best seafood possible for cooking. Wildly popular and super versatile in flavor, they can easily been placed in dishes as varying as salad to pasta. Thus prawn recipes are really both recipes specifically calling for prawns, or your favorite [fill in the blank] recipe with prawns added for fun! Like all cooking, the more you improve, the better you get, so add prawns tonight for a fun twist on an old-mealtime favorite.

Aiming to Please With Alaskan Cod

While not everyone in the world may be a fish aficionado, there are ways to introduce certain fish into the diets of the most skeptical of audiences. Genuine Alaskan cod possesses such a light and mild flavor that even the biggest opponent of fish has a hard time finding something to object to. The fresh, crisp waters of Alaska produce some of the finest fish in the world and the strict fishing laws that are in place ensure that there will be plenty of fish for generations to come. Though a whole variety of tasty swimmers populate the ocean around Alaska, cod is an excellent choice when looking for a fish that will be a total crowd pleaser.

The Real McCoy – Alaskan Salmon

Alaska is a unique place, differing quite a bit from the other forty-nine states, and is filled with natural wonders that delight visitors and residents alike. One of the greatest of Alaska’s possessions is the delicious salmon that populate its waters. Once you have tasted genuine Alaska salmon, your mouth will be ruined for any other kind of salmon. The unique and natural flavor of wild Alaskan salmon is unrivaled by any other salmon on the market. Fresh Alaska salmon needs almost no garnish to add to its natural taste and it makes a wonderful center piece or addition to any meal.

Oceanic Delight

Mexican food is arguably some of the best in the world as it is never short on flavor or portion size. Among the delicious array of Mexican food tacos are a definite fan favorite with fish tacos being one of the most popular varieties. Traditional fish tacos take a nice mild white fish and deep fry it. While the traditional recipe is amazing it is not exactly easy on the arteries. Luckily there are great healthy alternatives such as halibut tacos. Halibut is a wonderful, light white fish that can be dressed up with all kinds of spices and makes the perfect filling for healthy, delicious fish tacos.

Jazzing Up a Pancake Recipe

Are basic pancakes boring you? Don’t let pancakes get you down, jazz them up a bit and enjoy them all over again!

Easy Home Cooking

Mom had it all when it came to making dinner… remember coming home from a long day of school and basketball or football practice and walking into the familiar smells of delicious soups or Pot Roast meals? Getting back to that place is not as difficult as it may seem.

Make Fluffy Pancakes

What comes to mind when you hear the word pancake? You probably picture a golden brown color and feel the taste of fluffy texture in your mouth. Pancakes are all about golden brown, fluffy delicious flavor.

What About Pancake Mixes?

A pancake mix makes making pancakes so much faster, fun, and easy. Give them a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Pancake Cooking Spatulas

Do you want to make great pancakes but your kitchen tools won’t let you? Don’t let your kitchen hinder your cooking ability.

How to Make Pancakes From Scratch

Pancakes are a delicious breakfast treat. Learn how to make delicious golden brown pancakes at home in your very own kitchen.

Oops – Some Tips on Fixing Culinary Mistakes!

Ever add too much salt to your meal? Or how make a lumpy, gooey sauce? What to do? What to do? Here’s some simple answers that might help you out for these and many other cooking bloopers!

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