You don’t know how the real pork chop looks like if you cook it differently

Are Stainless Steel Pots and Pans Safe to Use?

We tend to be conscious of the food that we eat for health reasons but did we ever pay attention to the cookware used? Is your cookware safe? Or is it making your food unhealthy to consume? Stainless steel pots and pan is made from a combination of iron, chromium and other metals which brings about a durable and safe to use product.

Buying Candy Molds and Supplies Wholesale for the Best Deals

This guide will detail the benefits of purchasing your candy molds and supplies from a wholesale dealer to save money. Find a good Internet source amongst the large number of websites offering these products at wholesale prices.

Is That BBQ Smoker For Sale Right for You?

You’re looking for a great BBQ smoker for sale and you’ve got your eye on what you think is a pretty nice smoker. But how do you know if it will meet your needs? Here are three things to consider before you make your purchase.

Cooking Cabbage: How to Cook Cabbage

Plentiful and cheap, cabbage has gotten a bad rap with old-style cooking methods that called for smelly, long cooking times. This is unfortunate because cabbage is extremely easy to prepare, very versatile, and highly nutritious. With a little imagination you can harness the cancer-fighting and weight loss properties of cabbage to make healthy, delicious fare.

Ronco Rotisserie Oven – A Good Value That Makes Delicious Food

I know that many of you have seen the infomercials that feature the Ronco Rotisserie Oven. Once you get past the craziness we see on these marketing programs you realize this is a very good and useful product. It is actually a very good rotisserie grill that will allow you to make delicious meals as the slogan in the infomercial states “set it and forget it”.

Types of Kitchen Knives – A Very Simple Guide

Still confused about the different types of kitchen knives? Whether you are a budding cook or a seasoned chef, knowing the different types of kitchen knives can do nothing but make you better in your chosen craft. Without further ado, here are the most basic types explained in a simple and straightforward manner.

Making Rock Candy at Home Is Easy

If you want to try candy making, here are step by step instructions on how to make rock candy at home. It is simple, in fact, virtually foolproof and you probably already have all the ingredients.

BBQ Ribs – How to Make the Best BBQ Ribs

Making the best BBQ ribs isn’t rocket science, it’s just good technique and good ingredients. If you want to make the best BBQ ribs you’ve ever had read this article. It outlines the process of making BBQ ribs from selecting the perfect rack of ribs, trimming it and finally smoking it to perfection. Don’t ruin another barbecue by serving dry, tough ribs to your friends.

Weight Loss – Cooking With Herbs

One of the best ways that you can promote effective and healthy weight loss is simply to cook with herbs. The benefits of cooking with herbs are numerous, including the fact that herbs complete dishes and give them more flavor and greater enjoyment. Learning how to cook using herbs can seem daunting and even overwhelming at first, but once you become aware of what herbs are capable of, and you feel comfortable cooking with herbs, you can benefit significantly from their use in your home cooked food every single day.

Maintaining Your Barbecue – Always Be Ready for Unexpected Guests

Are you like me always rushing to keep up? But love entertaining… You may find that keeping your barbecue in a ready state for use at anytime will make your life a bit easier. When guests arrive unexpectedly you are ready to go. Here are a few tips to make maintaining you barbecue easy.

Dry Natural Herbs From Your Food Dehydrator

This article outlines the process of preparing and drying natural herbs in your food dehydrator, whether it be from your herb garden, or the produce section at the grocery store. The savings in costs, over prices paid at the market for herbs, will more than pay for your dehydrator in a short time.

Why Fried Foods Are Bad For Your Health

People addicted to fried foods may need to change their diet because of the damages it causes the body. While it may be pretty much difficult to correct the addiction, experts say the dangers are better avoided than to rely on drugs when the body develops problem. Research consistently shows that fried fats cause cancer and hardening of arteries.

How To Remove the Rawness From Meat or Fish

Have you ever eaten meat or fish and tasted a very rawish (like my new word), or almost blood like flavor? If the answer is yes this is probably because when the meat/fish was being prepared, time and care was not taken to remove this rawness.

Caraway Seed Flavors Breads and Sauerkraut

Caraway is a spice that comes from the fruit of a herbal plant, Carum carvi, a member of the parsley family. Native to the Mediterranean region caraway is cultivated for its seeds that are used to flavor savory foods.

Annatto Makes Cheese and Butter Yellow

Annatto is a food coloring agent that comes from the seeds of the Bixa orellana tree, the only member of the Bixaceae family. The seed pods contain brick-red seeds that give us a safe, yellow food dye.

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