You are out of imagination in the kitchen? Get inspiration in these balls recipes!

Three Reasons To Love A Brick Smoker

Almost any smoker will do a good job smoking meat if you cook it properly, but a brick smoker can do things that store bought or even a barrel smoker simply cannot. Although it represents a large investment, here are some reasons why investing in a brick smoker is worth it.

Organizing Dinner For Company In A Jiffy

You may have spent your day working in an office, chained to a desk all day. The stress has drained you and all you want to do is go home and relax. If you are a stay at home mom, you have probably chased kids around, done laundry and picked up toys all day, you are pooped and don’t feel like preparing a meal. Then it happens.

Bringing Chinese Food Home

Chinese food is the ultimate carry out food. There is something about those little white boxes, the steaming rice and yummy appetizers that just tantalize our taste buds in a huge way. But for the novice connoisseur, the take out menu is seemingly complicated and confusing with the huge amount of choices available to you.

Cooking Outdoors – Tips for a Better Burger

Cooking outdoors can be a very rewarding experience to both chef and dinner guests. Burgers are one of the largest types of meats prepared by grilling. One of the first decisions you must make when planning a cookout is the type of outdoor grill the meal will be prepared on. The two main types of outdoor grills are the charcoal grill and the propane grill.

Mediterranean Cuisine Offers A Fiesta Of Regional Tastes

Say “Mediterranean cuisine” and many diners think automatically of Italian, coastal French or Spanish food. However, the regions around Mediterranean Sea also boast a wide range of ingredients used in many regional variations.

Tips That Will Help You Make The Jump From Cook To Chef

Want to cook at home the way professional chefs do? Then follow these techniques that will bring new flavor and polish to any meal cooking at home.

Trimming A Whole Rack of Pork Spare Ribs

The normal rack of pork spare ribs has more than just the ribs themselves. The rib section is actually part of the whole spare rib section which is always used or seen in barbecue competitions and restaurants. If you are familiar with your ribs and know how to trim them, you can grill or smoke excellent barbecue ribs without any difficulty.

The Safety Instructions of Eating Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes play an important role in protecting the physical health for the human body. They can not only help people lose weight and prevent cancer, but also avoid the loss of calcium. People should eat potatoes in a right way.

Materials Needed in Artisan Bread Baking

Before you roll up your sleeves and get all sticky and messy, be sure that you have all the materials you need in baking. Check if you have the necessary equipment to clash head on with Artisan bread baking.

Time and Temperature: A Key in Artisan Bread Baking

The most common procedures and processes are sometimes the most underrated topics. Little did people know that in baking, the exact time and temperature helps in creating the perfect loaf of bread.

A Method Of BBQ Pork Shoulder Sandwiches

A favorite of many when they go to a BBQ place to eat is a good pulled pork sandwich. And depending on the part of the country you are in will also dictate how they cook and prepare them in that region. Like if you are In the Carolina’s, they have a vinegar base in their sauces and usually will have cole slaw on top of them. If you are in the Midwest they will prepare them different as a rule.

Tips for Sourer Sourdough Starter

Got problems with your sourdough starter tasting too bland? Here are some tips that will make your starter achieve the flavor you want.

Deep Fried Turkey – An Alternative to Baking

The holidays are here. Rather than taking hours waiting for a turkey in the oven, how about deep frying one instead? I have some things for you to consider. After reading my thoughts I am sure you will like to give it a try. It doesn’t cost a lot to get a kit and get yourself started on a different way of preparing a turkey or even a chicken.

Soak Your Beans? Why and How

On their face, legumes appear to be rich in minerals. However, you are absorbing only about half of the mineral content of your legumes that you could be if you are no soaking them. If beans make up a large part of your diet, there is a real easy way to increase your absorption of these minerals. Soak your legumes overnight in very warm water (140 degrees Fahrenheit to start) to reduce the mineral inhibitors in your beans. You may increase your absorption of minerals in those legumes by 50-100%.

Restore an Old Cast Iron Jambalaya Pot

Have you ever wondered how you could restore that old jambalaya pot your Grandpa gave you? What about an old Dutch oven or cast iron skillet you found at the hunting camp or in Grandma’s kitchen. Have you wondered why you should even restore either of these classic pieces of history? If you have ever wondered how to “bring back” any piece of cast iron cookware from an old rusty state, you’ve come to the right place.

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