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Cooking Healthfully

It is a common trend to lean toward healthy eating habits. More people are choosing to cook their own foods rather than taking the fast food approach to eating. While restaurants are offering healthier choices it is still wise to cook your own food when you can. This is the healthiest option.

Cooking For Children Guide

Cooking for kids can be a challenge, especially if you have a picky eater. Most parents want to ensure that their children eat a variety of healthy foods but, given a choice, kids usually prefer junk foods instead. The following ideas may make your job a little easier.

Cooking on a Busy Schedule

Everyone knows that food cooked at home by ourselves is much healthier and leads to greater satisfaction than take-out or restaurant food. Yet many of us aren’t able to arrange things so as to make it possible to do so.

Homemade Sushi – Make Sushi at Home to Save Big Dough

People that love sushi know how expensive it is. Even the “low-end” takeout joints in the city have no problem turning your low limit credit cards into nothing more than a fancy lock pick.

Summer Cooking – 6 Ways You Can Make Dinner Without Using Your Oven

When it comes to the hot summer months, I like to get creative in the kitchen. After all, the last thing I want to do is heat up my conventional oven during those long hot summer days. Here are a few ideas on what you can make and serve during those hot summer days, that doesn’t require the use of your conventional oven.

BBQ Smokers – 3 Types of Barbecues For Your Own Backyard

Barbecuing is a method of cooking meat that originated in the Southern States about 100 years ago. It basically involves cooking meat under a low temperature for a long period of time. There are basically three types of BBQ’s available – Charcoal, Gas and Electric.

A Guide to Stir Fry Artistry

The brilliant logic of Chinese cooking methods is shown to perfection in ch’ao, or chow, which literally means “high-heat-shallow-fat-continually-stirring-quick-frying of cut-up materials with wet and dry seasonings.” Its merit lies in two desirable results: that each bite is cooked the same as every other bite, and that none is cooked too much. No nutrients are lost in the cooking, and the flavor is completely preserved.

Tips on How to Make Quick Healthy Meals

If you work full time, the last thing you will want to do when you get in from work is cook a full meal. Being able to cook quick healthy meals is a skill that most of us should acquire. Cooking a healthy balanced meal should not be time consuming. Here are a few tips.

Cooked to the Right Point For Duck Or Chicken

The meat of a duck or chicken has flavor distinct from that of any other member of the bird family; so does one kind of seafood as compared with another, not to mention beef as distinct from mutton or veal. This being so, it is only good sense that the natural flavor, since it is good, should be preserved. It would be bad cooking to prepare anything in such a way as to transform it into something else, or to over-encumber a principal with ingredients which, though good in themselves, have a strong taste of their own.

How to Choose the Right Knife Set For Your Kitchen

Picking the right set of kitchen knives can be difficult. Learn a few simple tricks to finding a good set at a reasonable price

The Aroma and the Oil

When you smell an appetizing aroma emerging from the kitchen, you know it will gradually diminish and ultimately disappear. The taste in a given quantity of food has its maximum. If part of it is allowed to escape through evaporation, there will be a time when none or very little will remain. To prevent this, hard cooking after the initial stage should be avoided.

Easy Recipes Build Confidence For Beginners

We all have to start somewhere when learning to cook. Cooking is like everything else. We need to crawl before we can walk. By starting with easy recipes we can become confident and enjoy our time in the kitchen trying more advanced techniques.

How to Keep Wood Burning Cook Stoves at Their Best

Today’s wood burning stoves come in a lot of variations. They differ in sizes, styles, prices and materials that are made of. They even come in types for either indoor or outdoor used. Despite the differences though, they all need proper care and maintenance to be working at their best.

Great Tips For Baking Cookies

Looking for some great tips to make baking cookies easier and the results even better? Look no further.

Why Jamaican Jerk Style Meat is Healthy

Eating Jamaican jerk style food could be healthier than other grilled or barbecued meat. It is believed that meat grilled over high heat could increase the risk of cancer. If this is so then we need to be careful on how we prepare our foods.

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