With 1 kilo of pork I’ve impressed all my guests. The most simple recipe!

Tips on How to Use a Smoker

For a unique taste in outdoor cooking try using a smoker instead of a grill. Using a smoker is easy and will produce a different flavor with your food.

It’s The Seasoning That Counts

It is strange to think it now, but cooks haven’t always been able to enjoy the benefits of no-stick cookware. And, even these days, there are some people who just prefer not to use non-stick and decide to stick with more traditional items. In fact, in my experience, you are unlikely to find any non-stick pans or trays within the confines of a commercial kitchen…

Why Did We Smoke Meats With Cold Smoke?

Cold smoking is a popular subject on meat forums and there are different schools of thought when the temperature is concerned. This article explains the cold smoking method and temperatures as practiced in Europe for centuries.

Time Saving Holiday Cooking Tips

Tips on cutting down the time it will take you to make your holiday cookies and cakes. This article will help save time in the kitchen so you spend more time with your family and friends.

Cut Calories Without Cutting Taste!

If the word “diet” sounds depressing to you and you are really not ready to give up all those tasty, but not so healthy foods you have been indulging in, you might be thrilled to know that there are easy ways to cut calories without starving yourself. The more so, you don’t even have to refuse your favorite pastas, burgers, ice-creams and chocolate – just make the following tips a part of your eating routine and continue enjoying your regular diet!

How to Make Your Own Cider

People here in Chicago stepped outside this week to falling leaves, (rapidly) cooling temperatures, and that crisp scent in the air that could only mean one thing: Fall is really here. And with the brisk weather, falling leaves, and Halloween decorations comes another fall staple: apple cider.

Smoked Seafood – A Light Yet Delicious Meal

Smoked Seafood is a special treat for any occasion. Not only is seafood super healthy and delicious but by smoking it first before consuming, you have a whole new mixture of flavors to tease your palette. Not only does it retain all the healthy attributes of seafood but it adds new and exciting flavors to enjoy.

Spice Up Your Life

Spices are more than just flavoursome ingredients. They can also play a powerful role in health and wellbeing. Spice up your life with some of these healing ingredients.

Walk Before You Run – The Cooking Ramp Up Method

You know how to cook a chicken and perhaps roast vegetables, what about learning to make a nice sauce to go with some steamed greens. It is only one extra step to learn, but adds to your over all meal and mastering a range of sauces is no easy task – but very doable.

Preserving Your Chillies – Smoking

This article covers the full process for preserving you chillies by smoking. From selecting which chillies you want to pick all the way through to storing them once they’re smoked you will learn everything you need to be able to use your chillies months after the season is over.

Better Meal For Health & Wealth & Stay Fit For Long Life

You still need to get your five servings a day of fruits and vegetables. Make an effort to include fruits and vegetables at every meal. Since your options are more limited during the winter months, now’s the time to get creative by trying new recipes as well as sampling produce you haven’t eaten before.

Have Your Cake and Eat it – Saves the Environment!

Modern eating habits that rely on takeouts, restaurants, pre-packaged meals, and too many processed snacks are placing a strain on an individual’s health and on the environment from excess packaging and processing waste. Learning to cook may reduce household waste and usually improves overall health.

Turkey Tips & Tricks

Planning on impressing family and friends with the perfect roast turkey this Thanksgiving? Do it in style with these practical tips.

BBQ Smokers – A Big Part of American Cookery

Smokers may not be used as often as the stove or the microwave oven these days, but they have been a part of American cookery for a long time now. In fact, there were even smoking houses built in the early days which were mainly used to preserve meat. Today, that kind of smoking food is still alive as evidenced by the smoked bacon, ham or lox we still have. Indeed, smokers have been around for generations and definitely for many more to come.

Cooking & Cleanliness – The Kitchen & Home Healthiest Option

Wash your hands after smoking, going to the lavatory and remember to wash in the lavatory wash basin and not the kitchen wash basin. Rinse and dry your hands with paper towel. Do not breathe on glasses, or into containers. Do not cough or sneeze except into a handkerchief. Remember, the whole essence of cleaning is to make our cooking environment free from deadly microorganism and thus achieve a healthier home. Always remember, cleanliness saves live.

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