Why Drink Coffee When You Can EAT It?!

Top 10 Pairing Foods That You Should Find Out

A lot of time we just follow what is written in the recipe book to select the ingredients to use, but we seldom find out what is the effect of these pairing foods. In fact, by knowing the pairing food, it actually helps us further understand what are the good effects of these foods bring to us.

Leftover Ham – 10 Ways to Use it Up

Still got some ham left over from the holidays? Bought too much lunch meat when it was on sale? Wondering what to do with the ham bone?

Freestanding Cookers – Like Mother Used to Make

Here we take a look at the Freestanding Cooker, how you can save money, some delicious recipe ideas and why this cooking method is good for you. Read on to find out all the benefits of freestanding cookers.

Save Time and Money by Once a Month Cooking – Only 12 Days in the Year of Cooking Time

Many people are discovering the benefits of once a month cooking and you might discover that you love it once you try it. Now, maybe you’re thinking “cook once a month? Right,” but you need to know that this is one way that many busy and frugal moms are choosing to cook many meals this way in an effort to offset the high cost of eating out and eliminate the challenge of finding what to make for dinner each and every month.

4 Steps to Cook Perfectly in a 6 Cup Rice Cooker

Many people who own a 6 cup rice cooker don’t know how to use the cooking device. Without reading a manual, it is not safe to use a cooking device because you won’t know the exact features and requirements.

Low Fat Chicken Preparations

One of our favorite meats is chicken. It is incredibly versatile, very lean and incredibly tasty.

Menu Planning – Major Time and Effort Saver

How do you react when you hear the “what’s for dinner” question? Do you smile, or do you look wearily at your family and give them what you’ve just cooked, too tired to eat yourself? Do you think with resentment about the next day and see yourself looking hopelessly for another dinner idea? Do you find cooking terribly boring and exhausting? Does looking for new ideas take you much longer than you would wish?

Cheap and Easy Recipes – Gourmet Sauces For You

If you have kids, you will realize the obvious value of a cheap recipe; however, you will love the value of a fast and easy recipe! Well, I have got something for you that should really help out.

What to Look For in Buying a Food Dehydrator

You want to enjoy your produce year round, and have heard that drying is one of the best ways to prepare food for storage. But with so many different models to choose from, how do you know which is best for you?

The Challenge of Cooking a Healthy Dinner Fast

It is not every housewife that has the time to prepare a good meal in the evening when they have been at work all day and then come home to so much to do. When you have kids, they want attention. There might be homework to be overseen, housework that needs attending and of course, what are you going to prepare for the evening meal?

The 7 Best Asian Herbs For Cooking

Herbs in general are characterized by their flavor, scent, freshness and texture. Some of the most exotic dishes are prepared using herbs mainly found in various parts of Asia.

Mexican Food Basics

Mexican food is rich, flavorful, simple and yet, complex. Seasonings and ingredients vary by region. For example; Tropical fruits are combined with fish and seafood to create aromatic and delicious dishes in the Yucatan, Puebla is home to famous mole dishes and the central regions still prepare the unique indigenous foods that were popular at the time of the conquest.

All the Culinary Tools For Cooking Up a Storm

A lot of people will have seen a cookery show featuring one of the many celebrity chefs and thought that they could do just as good a job with the right tools. A lot of us are taking inspiration from these shows and a recent influx of many foreign cuisines and taking a greater interest in the kitchen.

Some Baking Tips You Should Know

How many times have you followed a cake recipe that ended up in a complete disaster? Here are a few basic guidelines to get you on track to baking the right way. Start by reading the recipe carefully. Assemble your ingredients in one place and look up any terms that you don’t understand.

Healthy Chicken Preparations

When we eat meat, it should be very lean so that we are taking in just the protein and not fat. Chicken fits the bill perfectly. Many of our favorite dishes include chicken.

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