Using one cabbage and minced meat you cook a dinner like at big restaurants!

How Well Are you Prepared In Case of Immediate Disaster?

Are you prepared in case of an immediate disaster, one that strikes without a warning? How long would your food supply last if you were unable to get to a supermarket?

Getting Started With Cooking Equipment

A cazuela is a large but shallow clay dish. It is brightly colored outside and glazed inside. More often than not, it is rounded like a bowl and is about more or less seven inches deep. It usually has handles for better use over fire. This clay dish is good for simmering mole and other sauces.

Outdoor Gas Barbecue

Using gas barbecue grill allows you control over its temperature for easy cooking of the meat. Also it does not produce much smoke although at first flames could flare up so you need to be very careful when handling the gas barbecue grill.

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Ideas

Get some ideas for those mounds of leftover turkey and enjoy your Thanksgiving feast all week.

Chile Con Carne: A History

The origin of Chile con Carne are stepped in legends and lies! Learn more about the American dish more American than apple pie.

Choosing Basic Bread Baking Tools

If you are looking for basic bread baking tools and appliances, then you have a lot of work ahead of you. This is because of the fact that there are a lot of companies selling various basic bread baking tools and appliances today.

Essential Equipments That You Need For Your Kitchen

Generally, the equipments that you need to have in your kitchen are cooker, frying pan and there are many the sizes of them. Generally, these types of accessories are generally made or consist of iron mixture, in order to keep the heat, the food warm and be able to cook various kinds of food.

9 Tips for a Successful Barbeque

There are thousands of tips to be found when it comes having a successful barbeque. There’s a wide variety of subjects that can be covered from how to cook different cuts of meat and what type of grill to use to how to achieve a particular taste for your barbequed foods. But there are some basic tips that can help anyone with the basics and will get them started successfully barbequing.

Easy And Quick Dressings For Your Table-Fresh Made by You

Why serve bottled dressings for your fresh salads? It is easy and quick to make them fresh. All you need are ingredients you probably already have on hand.

Culinary Arts College Basics

Before you decide on enrolling in a culinary arts college, you need to make up your mind regarding what program you want to get into. Do you want to cater your own restaurant? Do you want to have a managerial position related to restaurant?

How to Become a Chef

Everyone in the world loves food. There is hitherto a remainder between eating homemade food and the food that you will get in a five star restaurant or any other high tone dining establishment.

The Day After Christmas

Christmas is almost here. I am already planning what to do with my leftovers. Are you?

Basic Kitchen Knife And More

The knife is one of the most important tools in the kitchen, not only for the professional cook or chef, also for the beginner and the avid cook a good and quality knife will make sure that the work is done well.

Tips on Adding Variety to Your Vegetarian Lifestyle

You are only limited by your imagination when planning a healthy vegetarian diet. Variety is the spice of life. It’s important to keep your vegetarian diet nutrient-dense, interesting, and fun!

The 411 on Chafing Dishes

Planning your next big get-together? Whether it’s a birthday bash, church fundraiser or holiday gathering-serving buffet-style is the way to go. When setting up a buffet table, chafing dishes are the best way to keep food hot.

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