Under 30-Minute Meals

Traditional Maori Hangi

There is hardly any other food preparation technique anywhere on the planet quite like a Hangi. A Hangi is the customary New Zealand method of cooking food underground.

Some of the Hottest French Recipes of All Times

Speaking of cuisines, French cuisine is one name which has managed to satiate taste buds of people worldwide till date. French recipes have their personal different flavor and taste which makes it popular among 1 and all.

Growing Garlic – How to Best Cure It

Let’s go over some garlic basics. Garlic has three main parts: bulb (below the ground), scape (commonly know as stalk) comes out of the ground, & the bulbil – the part at the top of the scape that forms and creates seeds. The entire plant can be eaten bulbs, scape & bulbils.

Italian Garden of Herbs

An Italian garden holds unlimited potential. This is because Italy has a wide variety of tasty culinary herbs. It is for this reason Italian food tastes so great. When you want to cook with fresh herbs when cooking Italian food, you can grow your own herbs.

Cake Decorating Ideas Anyone Can Use

Cake decorating is a great way to get in touch with your creative side and you may find that you have quite a knack for this. You can use cake decorating ideas to help you come up with your next cake and this can help you to make outstanding cakes for many different occasions.

Cold Finger Foods For Parties

The best finger foods should be easy to prepare and not to messy to eat. There are literally hundreds of different cold finger foods for parties that you can make…

Transitioning From a Meat-Based Diet to a Vegetarian Diet

With some planning and organisation, making the switch from a meat-based diet to a plant-based diet is not that difficult. The one main difference is, all nutritional needs will come from a non-meat source. Or in the case of vegans, their nutritional needs will be from a non-animal source.

What You Need to Know About Home Cooking

Everyone is on the go and claims to not have a lot of time; forgetting that home cooking is very simple. It’s not as hard as we lead ourselves to believe and it doesn’t take a chef to create a well balanced simple meal.

Top 10 Barbeque Ideas For Summer

During summer, there is nothing better than throwing up a barbecue party. Bask in the sun and enjoy the delicacy of the meal with near and dear ones. Each and every one in your household will get delighted with some of the ideas of barbecue parties. They are absolutely great to implement.

Cooking Tools That Suit the Environment

If you are planning on purchasing some cooking tools, why not buy eco-friendly ones? Luckily, there are an increasing number of eco-friendly cooking utensils available now that eco-friendly cooking has become more popular.

Secrets That Will Have You Barbecue Like a Champion

There are many secret techniques that competition barbecue cooks use to barbecue like champions. Three of the secrets are going to be revealed here.

How to Make Pizza at Home

Preparing and baking pizza at home is enjoyable and encourages participation from family and friends. It is really quite simple. Try it out, and you may evolve from being a pizza eater to becoming an expert pizza maker.

End Grain Versus Edge or Face Grain Cutting Boards

End-Grain Construction also known as butcher block – This type of board helps maintain the sharpness of your knives because the blocks are glued in such a manner that keeps the wood fibers parallel to the direction of the cut. Instead of your knife cutting the wood fiber, it goes in between adjacent fibers. This causes the surface to show less cut marks than a regular edge or face grain cutting board.

How to Feed Those Who Don’t Eat

Aside from being an incredible fireworks extravaganza and one of the most important holidays celebrated in the US, 4th of July is also one of the biggest grilling events of the year. The weather is usually nice enough to be outdoors the whole day, and other than playing, swimming or chatting, we eat. Grilling is the most fun for Independence Day, since it’s no fun sitting in the overheated kitchen, and it’s also easier to grill the amounts of food needed for all the guests than prepare them in pots and pans.

Delightful Chicken Dinner Made Easy

You can easily make a delightful chicken dinner. No recipe required! Cooking chicken properly with simple, affordable spices will make the flavor pop!

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