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9 BBQ Supplies That Make Life Easier

When I BBQ, I like to make the entire process as simple and easy as possible. This is a list a few supplies I always keep with me, whether I am BBQ’ing at a contest or at the house.

Using Wood Chips to Improve the Tastes Coming From Your Barbecue

You should start the process by lifting out the cooking grates from your Weber propane gas grill, and place your pre-prepared wood-chips in a fitting metal or disposable aluminium tray and place this “smoking” to the far lower left side of the grill away from the burners, ensuring that they are not very close to the flame. Once you have sited your smoking tray in the correct spot, change the grates on your Weber grill, and now you must preheat the grill for smoking.

Instructions to Make Peanut Butter Cookies at Home

We all love to munch those crunchy, yummy cookies, Right? Be it simple home made cookies or peanut butter cookies. But have you ever thought that you could prepare those same delectable cookies right at your own kitchen? And it’s quite easier than you think!

Cooking Wagyu Beef Brisket

Wagyu is actually a breed of cattle that produces perfectly marbled cuts of meat, it’s the same breed stock that produces the Kobe beef in Japan. The meat is incredibly tender and has a rich taste. Wagyu beef even surpasses USDA marbling standards for prime-grade beef.

Dessert Pizza – 10 Tips to Ensure Your Cooking Success

In the U.S. the word pizza has many meanings. Pizza varies from region to region. Many Americans, from North to South and East to West, are making dessert pizzas. The recipes are easy but, if you make only one mistake, you can wind up with a gloppy mess. Don’t let that happen to you!

French Cheese

French Cheese is not a food. It’s a religion.

Top 5 Compelling Reasons For Having a Hot Dog Machine

Most people appreciate the flavor of a good frankfurter. And what better way to satisfy that need than with a hot dog machine? Here you’ll discover 5 compelling reasons to consider getting one.

Best Cooking Recipes – How to Prepare Barley Soup and Bean & Macaroni Soup

The kitchen buddy is here again with a whole lot of new delectable cooking recipes. Have your Rachael Ray cookware products before you take off and do great cooking which your family will surely love.

A Beginner Guide For Ultimate Cake and Cookie Decorating

If you are new in cake decorating, you surely want to collect some books that offer the fresh ideas in cake and cookie decorating. Cake decorating ideas come in many styles. From traditional to modern style, cake decorating is always excited to explore.

Preparation to Avoid Salmonella Virus in Your Chicken Meat

There are food safety measures that we need to apply especially when we are cooking poultry products. We are at risk of salmonella virus especially when we eat chicken. Let us first look at what a salmonella virus is. To those who are unfamiliar about the virus the consumption of the food that is contaminated with the virus may lead to food poisoning.

Braai the Healthy Way

Cooking your food over a braai is both fun and tasty, but what about your health? As more and more people are becoming health conscious lately, due to the fact that there are copious amounts of information on how to become healthy, people want to know how to cook healthy. Back in the day people didn’t have resources like the internet and TV to spread the word on health risks.

Indian Food and Health – A Great Food Culture

Indian food is now one of the popular terms among the food lovers all over the world. It bears Indian cultural and historical heritage, religious beliefs, fragrance of numerous cooking ingredients.

The Deliciously Healthy Benefits of Steam Cooking – Cooking For the Whole Family With Health in Mind

A different way to cook healthy foods for the whole family. This article also talks about the basic steamers and how each of them work.

Cooking For the Non-Cooker by the Non-Cooker

Making fried eggs and Bacon: Step 1: Throw bacon on hot skillet, no butter or oil needed.

6 Time Saving Cooking Tips

Grocery shopping and cooking can sometimes fall to the wayside when we get busy. I often hear people say they set out with the best intentions– such as buying lots of fresh produce, but sadly they end up throwing it away. Whether you’re cooking for one person or for an entire family, figuring out what to do with your leftovers can be challenging.

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