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How to Find a Suitable Egg Poacher For Delicious Egg Poaching

Nothing would taste better in the morning than a poached egg or two. Quick and convenient to make, they also prove to be highly healthy items to have in the morning. The best and most convenient way to make a poached egg is through the use of an egg poacher, nevertheless you must be certain of what type of egg poacher that would be suitable for your needs. A good device would make your egg poaching task a breeze to perform and produce marvelous results as well, but if you get the wrong item, you might not obtain the type of egg that you have been coveting for breakfast! There are many different types and sizes of egg cookers to consider for those seeking one.

Cleaning and Cooking Live Crabs to Perfection!

So you’ve caught some crabs or brought live crabs from the fishmonger. You’ll need to think about cleaning your crab first before making some of those delicious crab recipes you’ve been reading about as crabs are not known to be clean creatures. But how do we clean a living crab?

Summer Food – Have Fun, Enjoy and Be Guilt Free

Ah the enticement of grilled burgers, ice cream and creamy cole slaw. But, if you’re on a diet, can you still enjoy them? With a little help, you can…

Pot Luck Dinners

Potluck dinners can be lots of fun if planned right. Whether you are hosting your own, or going to someone else’s; these simple tips will make for a successful potluck.

Useful Tips on How to Avoid Cake Frosting Problems

Cake baking is an enjoyable form of having fun even with the family. Different recipes exist on how to make cakes of different shapes and flavors.

Salmon Preparation Made Easy For the Busy Family

By now you know how important it is to regularly eat oily fish like Sockeye Salmon for your health. Not only is Sockeye Salmon flavorful and delicious, but it is packed with vitamins, minerals, and the omega-3 fatty acids that doctors believe promote heart and cognitive health. What’s not to love?

How to Incorporate Tasty, Inexpensive Salmon Into Your Bagged Lunch

In these times of economic hardship, Americans are looking to cut back on unnecessary expenses to try to keep their budgets in check. For many, what used to be common lunch trips to restaurants now seem like expensive luxuries, and are being cast aside along with shopping for new wardrobes and fancy cell phone upgrades.

One of the Easiest Shellfish to Cook

Alaska spot prawns are one of the easiest shellfish to prepare, and they are full of meat and flavor. They look scary and the thought of preparing and eating them may seem intimidating, but they are in fact simple and tasty, and are really just a type of shrimp. They can grow to be up to 9 inches long, so you know they are full of great meat.

Making a Floral Apron on Your Own

Aprons are simple sheets wrapped around our body to protect our shirts from stains we might get from cutting and slicing various ingredients in preparing the food in our kitchen. It also covers our body from extreme heat we always experience in cooking, especially in grilling…

Natural Food Coloring – What a Healthy Option!

Just imagine your food as black and white! Or some dull colors like muddy Grey! Will you be tempted enough to eat them? Most of the people would not.

7 Tips For Cooking a Whole Hog

There are a lot of different ways to slow-smoke a whole hog… and none of them are wrong. It really just comes to personal taste. But if you want to make sure your hog is cooked as perfectly (and looks like a show-stopper) then there are a few little tips that you need to follow:

How to Flavor Plain Yogurt

When it is healthy food, it is usually not delicious. Even though yogurt is one of the healthiest foods available, sometimes plain yogurt might not be the best option, especially for kids. But, there’s a simple solution to that; flavored yogurt.

The Benefits of Raw Foods

In recent years there has been a resurgence in demand and interest of raw foods. Many proponents of this type of diet cite the fact that cooking destroys important nutrients and enzymes. The defining trait of this type of eating is the consumption of unprocessed and uncooked foods. Organic foods often make up a large part of this type of diet although they are not a necessity for all who practice.

Organic and “Healthy” Food Pricing Misconceptions

For years, I believed that all organic foods and “healthy” meats/other natural fresh foods were very expensive relative to non-organic or “conventional” items. But prices have really changed, and if you price organic and fresh foods, you will be surprised, but you’ll have to do your homework.

How to Create Delicious Food by Deep Frying

There are many different methods of cooking and deep frying tends to be a favorite because of the delicious food it produces. It is a common misconception that deep fried food can only be purchased at restaurants and fast food joints. However, it is a fairly simple process that can be done right at home. There are a few tips that can help people learn how to create delicious food by deep frying.

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