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Chinese Noodle Recipes

If you have a concoction of wheat or rice flour with water and either some egg or milk (depending on your preference) and you roll it out and cut, you have just prepared the Chinese noodle. The truth about Chinese noodles is that preparing them is undemanding. The entire family can even participate in the cooking. In fact, fresh homemade noodles are always on high demand.

Vegetarian Cooking – Are You Kidding Me?

Recently, my wife and I decided to actually shift our diet as well. Originally, the motives were not financial but we have seen the financial benefits. We never really ate too much red meat to begin with-it was mostly fish, chicken and fresh veggies. But, we took the plunge recently and went vegetarian. Not strict vegetarian as we didn’t eliminate dairy or eggs, but no more chicken, fish or red meat.

Dinner Party Recipes

A dinner party is party that brings family and friends together and though it is a small one it does not mean that such party does not need planning. Like all parties it is wise and prudent to plan and organize much before the D-day.

Cajun Cooking

Attempts have made severally to duplicate Cajun cooking, but there has not been any success so far; only simulations have been achieved. This special cooking originated from the Louisianans who descended from Acadian immigrants from Nova Scotia.

Beat the Summer Heat With Crock Pot Cooking

Most people get irritated by the heat that oozes out of the kitchen especially during hot weathers. The reason is not far-fetched. You know how it feels when the weather is hot and you have to prepare a meal for family and friends.

Cooking Basics For Beginners

Cooking is a very dynamic aspect of human life. This is because you can never really be a genius at the art of cooking. You can only be very good at some delicacies and you will know next to nothing in another cuisine that is alien to you. A lot of work has to be put into learning the art of cooking well.

General Canning Instruction For Low Acid Vegetables

Low acid vegetables must be processed in a steam pressure canner at a temperature of 240ºF (10 pounds pressure) to assure that all spoilage micro organisms are destroyed. The following is general canning instructions for low acid vegetables.

Cheeses From the Italian Kitchen

This article lists the most commonly used cheeses in Italian cuisine. It gives a little insight about what the cheese is made of and also mentions its most common use. Each cheese is categorized by their common use. The purpose is to offer some details about popular Italian cheeses in order for the reader to become familiarized when cooking Italian recipes.

10 Ways to Make Cooking Easier

Fed up of cooking? Tempted by take away? Not enjoying cooking as much as you used to? Find out how you can make it easier and more fun again.

10 Gifts For the New Cook

Know someone who cooks? Stuck for ideas for a gift? Want it to be something useful instead of a token gift? Find out what sort of kitchenware gifts you should give.

Developing Mock Restaurant Recipes – Take Your Time and Have Patience

We all have at least one favorite restaurant specialty. It could be something as ordinary as spicy chicken wings or as fancy as chocolate mousse. In order to duplicate these restaurant dishes at home, you’ll begin by developing several mock restaurant recipes that resemble your favorite dish. This process may take a bit of time, and you may not get the recipe right the first couple times, but with a little tweaking, the recipe will improve.

Create Famous Restaurant Desserts Recipes at Home

“Eat dessert first because life is uncertain.” This may be the best test of whether restaurant desserts recipes are truly famous.

Easy Awesome Restaurant Recipes – Duplicate Famous Restaurant Specialties

We all know a few awesome restaurant dishes, but if we could just find the awesome restaurant recipes to go along with those dishes we’d be thrilled! How many times have you been out to dinner and thought “Why can’t I make this at home?” Actually, you can make many famous restaurant specialties at home. It takes a bit of practice, some research, and a lot of taste-testing. Here is a very basic sampling of some of our favorite simple restaurant recipes that happen to be awesome!

Rice Cooking II and Chicken Broth

Food steamed on a rack or a shallow dish are suspended above the boiling water in a special steamer. Three or four inches of water should kept at a low boil to produce enough steam to cook the food.

Things to Consider When Buying a New Food Processor

There are a lot of different things to think about before committing to purchasing a new food processor. Some machines chop food and that’s about all they do. Others do a whole host of different tasks. There are machines available that can replace your mixer, juicer, slicer, grater and several other machines.

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