The greatest delicacy that you can cook using 1.5 kilos of pork meat!

Chinese Cooking Methods Explained

There are various methods to cook Chinese food to bring out the best flavours in the meal. Here are the 3 main methods that you can learn and master to become a better Chinese cook.

Barbecue Recipe Science Part I

There’s a whole lot of “science” behind what makes good slow smoked barbecue recipes develop their flavor, tenderness, appearance, and moisture content. So, let’s take a few of the reactions and try to explain the science behind it…

Tips On Keeping Your Food As Healthy As Possible

We have all been there. You have had a long day at work, and you come home and your family asks “What’s for supper?” You look in the refrigerator, and realize that you forgot to set something out. So whether you decide to get takeout, or run to the store, here are some tips on keeping your food as healthy as possible.

How to Keep Food Fresh Naturally

How many times have we brought food and then forgotten about it only to remember it because it begins to stink? Learn how to keep your food fresh using other fruits and vegetables.

How to Bring out the Best from Your Cake Recipes

Cake is the product when you combine primary ingredients such as flour, leavening agent, liquid, sweetening, eggs and flavorings and cook it by means of an oven.

Make Vegetables Palatable

Are you running out of ideas as to how to cook vegetables into something that is palatable? A lot of people, perhaps except vegetarians, hate vegetables and it can be an up hill struggle to prepare a meal that everybody likes.

Facts Pertaining to Cooking You May or May Not Realize

Sometimes a recipe fails because the terms given are not understood. How you measure ingredients can make or break a dish.

Can Homemade Meals Help You Live Longer?

Have you ever seen the yogurt commercials showing strong, vibrant 100-year-old men and women smiling as they eat their cup of strawberry yogurt and sipping bottled water? Are these commercials just advertising gimmicks?

Where to Find the Best Recipes for Homemade Meals

Finding great recipes is the easiest part of learning how to cook homemade meals. You can find good recipes anywhere you look today. I like the convenience and speed of searching for recipes on the internet. Whatever you’re looking for—something simple or something exotic—you’ll find it by doing an internet search.

West African Food – All About Healthy Eating Habits!

Unlike many other parts of the great African continent, West Africans can boast of more healthy eating habits. Nigeria and other coastal parts of West Africa are generally fonder of chilies in food than other African cuisine entertains. Many coastal recipes include fish prepared in different ways.

Barbecue Sauce-Store Bought or Home Made

Many people ask the question “Which is better. Store bought or home made barbeque sauce?” It really comes down to what your personal preference is but if the run of the mill taste of the bbq sauce found on grocery store shelves just doesn’t cut it then creating your own secret sauce can be part of the grilling fun.

How Homemade Meals Keep You Fit and Healthy

The cookbooks I buy and the type of homemade meals I prepare seem to be so closely connected to changes in my lifestyle that I am hard pressed to know cause from effect. Did the lifestyle change bring about the change in my eating habits, or did the change in my eating and cooking habits bring about the change in my lifestyle?

Cooking With Honey-Useful Facts And Tips

Learn why honey is such a popular sweetener in cooking. Get practical tips on cooking with honey.

All About Peppercorns

Have you ever wondered about what types of peppercorns you should use? Read on, and learn about what makes the different peppercorns so special.

Healthy Cooking Tips For Your Family

Do you sometimes feel like cooking, especially cooking “healthy” foods, is a chore? – Not to mention expensive. Or do you get frustrated at the end of the week when you have to throw away unused, rotten vegetables that you purchased to make a healthy salad and never found the time to put it all together.

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