The favorite DINNER of our FAMILY in one tray! We CAN’T GET TIRED of meatballs!

Recipes For Fussy Adult Eaters – Kids Aren’t the Only Ones Who Hate Vegetables!

Being a fussy eater may be due to more than just a bad taste. Other things may be involved. Once allergies or other problems have been ruled out, there are ways to get an adult to eat things they thought they didn’t like.

Food Dehydrator Tips – Why in the World Would I Want to Dry Out My Food?

This article discussing selection and use of food dehydrators, and why you should seriously consider trying one. It also offers a few tips on getting the most out these neat kitchen appliances.

Polenta in the Summer

Many people think of Polenta and say “WHAT IS THAT!?” or “EW CORN MEAL”, but if you make Polenta the proper way, and mix it with just the right size dishes, it is a delicacy, and is a great addition to your summer barbeque! Now, I was introduced to Polenta from my grandmother, she informed me that where she was from in Italy, they were too poor to afford bread so they would make Polenta which is made from corn, because it was cheaper. The tradition of Polenta lived on as my mother made it, and now my sisters and I make it. It is easy to make, not as heavy as bread, and is a great addition to your summer barbeque as it mixes well with some of the barbeque greats!

Cleaning Clams

Clams are bivalve mollusks with rough, oval-shaped, symmetrical hinged shell. They are usually eaten by marine animals but humans considered it as a delicacy especially in the coastal regions. Proper cleaning should be done before they are cooked as they burrow in the sand and accumulate grit and sand.

Agave Nectar: A Brief Overview of Its Origins and Future Growth

The agave nectar industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the sweetener industry and the organic industry in general. This article will discuss where the agave syrup is produced, and give a brief overview of the recent history of agave nectar production, and the future of the agave nectar industry.

Roasting a Pig – A Family Affair

Steps to follow for roasting a pig. Seven items that are essential and directions for using a pig roaster.

Tips on How to Choose Fresh Food Items

It is a good thing to follow a healthy diet but it is much better if you’re the one preparing the healthy dishes for yourself and for your family. Learning how to prepare delightful recipes is important especially for those people who want to enter the food business. It is not enough for you to taste the food but it is a must that you learn how they are prepared.

Vegetable Juicing – How to Start

Juicing is easy to learn, and depending on your own tastes, you can make up your own healthy vegetable juice recipes. Many fruits and vegetables do not have to be prepared further other than cutting them up into smaller pieces to fit inside the juicer. Vegetable juicing is the best way to consume all of the recommended greens in only one day.

The Mediterranean Diet for Life

Defining the Mediterranean diet including the staple foods and ingredients of the diet, the health advantages of the diet, and the people living in the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean diet by nature is a very loose term and is applied by many with a wide array of interpretation.

Cooking Healthy

The key ingredient to cooking healthy and eating healthy is knowledge. You need the facts in order to better understand what it means to truly cook and eat healthy. Most importantly, you must be honest with yourself as to your current eating habits and how you can make an easy yet drastic change in your life, health, and overall well-being.

Fourth of July Celebration Ideas

Have fun celebrating freedom with these 4th of July Party ideas. Do not worry too much about getting everything perfect. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make a special party. You just have to put some of these helpful tips and tricks into action and customize them according to your resources, preferences and personality.

Ways of Cooking With Sausages

Cooking with sausages is fun because of the different ways one can prepare them. Mothers find it rewarding to prepare scrumptious meals using their homemade sausages because they are always a big hit among children and the rest of the family. Knowing the various recipes in preparing this meaty food will help mothers change the preparation method for different meals.

Chinese Black Fungus

You might have heard some people call black fungus ‘yun er’ as ‘cloud’s ears’, where I normally call it ‘mu’er’, as ‘wood’s ear’. Another difference between Southern and Northern China. But I really think that it is so romantic to compare the shape of black fungus, especially the edges, to the irregular and forever changing shape of clouds, where Northern people imagine that they are the ears of the trees.

12 Tips for Making Healthy Muffins From Scratch

Have you ever wondered about how to make healthy muffins from scratch at home? Making muffins is easy enough for kids and beginning bakers.

Basic Chicken Cooking Tips

Chicken is quite versatile and can serve as the cornerstone for making tasty and nutritious meals. There are so many things you can do with it. Let’s look at preparation and cooking tips that will have you and those you share meals with super impressed with your dishes.

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