Tasty’s Top Brownie Recipes

How to Cook Leg of Lamb

Leg of lamb is a tasty meat that is used in delectable dishes served in special occasions. To know how to cook leg of lamb easily, it is beneficial to look at simple recipes that use the meat as one of the key ingredients.

Building Your Own Brick Outdoor Pizza Oven

For decades, brick pizza oven has been cooking delightful pizza with smoky flavor. If you want to have that same kind of result in your pizza at home, the best thing there is is making your own brick outdoor pizza oven. This article will give you the basic tips and steps in building your own oven.

How to Cook Lentils

Lentil is one of the vegetables that have high content of iron, dietary fiber and protein. If you want to enjoy a hearty dish and learn how to cook lentils, you can follow the simple steps in delectable lentil recipes.

Crumbled Cookies Add Flavor and Texture to Recipes

When my daughters were little I baked homemade cookies for them every week. Now I bake them for my grandchildren. Though the cookies disappear fast, sometimes a few stale ones are left.

Tasty Burger Toppings For Fun Summertime Events

Hot summer days are upon us, a perfect time for family backyard barbecues, picnics, and other fun events. And what comes to mind when we think of barbecues? Well burgers are on the top of my list and are also fairly reasonably priced at the grocery store when comparing other meats.

How to Boil Eggs

How to boil eggs seems easy. But no, there are tricks to perfectly boiled eggs. You need to remember some things to achieve the kind of finish you are looking for. One major complication about how to boil eggs is that the egg white and egg yolk cook under different temperatures. So it is expected that you don’t get the best of both. You either get a nice, fluffy egg white but half-cooked yolk or a nice and solid egg yolk but with a rubbery, overcooked egg white.

How to Carve a Turkey

Carving a turkey is an easy process, and I’m going to highlight a couple of ways to do it. If you’re a traditionalist and carve your turkey at the table in front of your guests, then the traditional approach is the one you should take. Otherwise if you are not too worried about presentation and the “wow factor” or you will be carving up the turkey in the kitchen, then the kitchen carving method may be right for you.

How to Cook Lamb Chops

Lamb chop is a flavorful meat cut that is used as one of the main ingredients in dishes served for special gatherings or occasions. By following the instructions in simple lamb meat recipes, you can easily learn how to cook lamb chops.

How to Cook Rump Roast

Rump roast is a special beef cut that is commonly used as a key ingredient in delectable and tasty dishes. To learn how to cook rump roast, start with following the instructions and steps in easy-to-prepare roast recipes.

How to Cook Tilapia

Tilapia is one of the most nutritious and tasty fish that can be used as a key ingredient in special dishes. To learn how to cook tilapia in the best way possible, it is advantageous to know some of the easy-to-prepare and simple recipes that use the fish as the main ingredient.

How to Bake Chicken

Baking is a simple cooking technique that you can use when preparing special and hearty dishes. One of the special ingredients that are commonly used in baking is chicken. To learn how to bake chicken, you can try the different easy-to-prepare but delectable roasted chicken recipes.

Chef’s Knife and Large Cutting Boards – Your Best Friends in the Kitchen!

Just like Harry Potter has his trusted tools in his tool box, a great home cooks who can whip up dishes like a wizard have selected must-have items in hers or his. A good Chef’s knife and large cutting boards are the equivalent of Harry’s wand! They are your best friends!

Use Spices Instead of Supplements

Since 3000 BC, Europeans have been aware of spices. Both China and India had a medical system based upon herbs as early as 1000 BC. Early uses were for medicine, religion, tradition, preservation and as a way of disguising unpleasant smells. Marco Polo’s visit to the Far East opened the doors to a new spice trade. The discovery of the New World meant new flavorings including all spice, peppers, vanilla and chocolate. The greater the variety of spices and herbs, the more potential for your body to use the spices to get the essential daily nutrients that it needs.

Soul Food Recipes – Natural Seasonings Inspire Healthier Cooking

Soul food inspires tasty eating. Now see how natural seasonings inspire healthier cooking of this traditional southern cuisine – that will encourage you to cook and eat healthier.

10 Ways to Brighten Up Your Cooking

Cooking is a chore to many people, and those who cook because they have to, rather than for fun, may not enjoy the experience at all. Perhaps you don’t look forward to mealtimes, or you just tend grab a pizza or a takeaway on your way home from work.

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