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Helpful and Awesome Kitchen Gadgets

While I am not simply Martha Stewart, I do like to make terrific meals for my family and friends. Personally, there is nothing more enjoyable than spending the full day testing out various recipes. I frequently cook or bake the same meal many times over, with just a minor variation in each version as I try to make things completely perfect. Members of the family frequently provide help with either the cooking or the washing, but having so many people around me while I work only serves to throw every thing off. Instead, I would rather use some of my awesome kitchen gadgets to help get things done faster and better.

Stocking Your Pantry

It is important to know why you should have a stocked pantry. Look at what ingredients take to stock your pantry.

How to Cook Sticky Rice – A Laos & North Thai Staple

This is a very simple explanation of the technique to cook white sticky rice at home yourself. North Thailand, Isaan and Laos use sticky rice as a staple, and it is eaten differently to ‘normal’ rice, which is soft, fluffy and only a little clingy if cooked properly. Sticky rice is sexy, versatile and habit-forming. It clings together stubbornly and has a gloss and a toothsome quality that other rice can only dream of emulating. For me, it’s the King of rice.

Induction Cookers Versus Conventional Cookers

The innovative cooking concept using an induction cooker has a number of benefits over conventional cooktops. An induction type cooker combines the simplicity and rapid heating quality of electric stoves with responsive temperature control.

Types of Cooking Products

You may have often come across a section in the supermarket that has cooking utensils and equipments. However, if you never paid attention to it earlier and now if you have decided to get hold of your kitchen and manage it, there are a few basic things that you will have to know about cooking products so that you can buy and use them in future.

How to Cook Quinoa – 3 Strategies!

There are three main ways that you can cook quinoa. Like many other whole grains, you can either cook them through absorption, steaming, or boiling. A combination of these methods can also be used to cook quinoa depending on what type of effect you want.

Ideal Materials For Cooking Products

Some of the good quality materials include copper, which is known to be the best conductor of heat. Pans and utensils made out of copper allow the cook to manage and regulate heat in such a way, that if the stove is turned to high flame, the heat gets evenly distributed towards the whole pan. While if the stove is suddenly put out, it cools down and the heat does not linger on.

Using Even Less Oil to Cook Pancakes

I love pancakes – both sweet and savory. They are a nice hand-held, carbohydrate alternative to bread at breakfast, lunch or supper.

Kitchen and Cooking Products

To begin with, a cooking pan is one the most essential products. This can be used for a variety of food dishes. While buying, make sure you get the one with the best quality…

How to Choose a Good Juice Extractor

Are you looking for a good juice extractor to serve your family in this summer? Here are some useful tips you can use to get a good one.

Cooking Equipment You Can’t Do Without

There is no firm rule as to what you should or should not have in your kitchen. A kitchen is a personal thing, and what you have or decide to put in it highly depends on your lifestyle, choice, and personal preference in cooking.

Egg Rings Master the Fried Egg

Have you ever wondered why your sunny-side-up fried eggs looked so perfect at your local restaurant? The answer is commercial egg rings, and they have been being used by restaurants for over a century to provide their customers with a perfect looking egg that is uniform in size every time they order their favorite breakfast platter.

Enjoy the Many Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables With a Juicer

Many people realize that eating fresh fruits and veggies is extremely healthy but unless you know how and love to cook, it can be a little hard to eat them regularly. There are countless advantages for eating them for health purposes, such as vitamins, proteins, minerals, as well as a great source of energy.

Make Your Own Fresh Juice With an Electric Juice Machine

You no longer have to spend hours pressing your own fresh orange juice. Learn how you can use an electric juicer to make fresh juice in minutes.

Dining Out – Eat Smart

I often hear customers say they haven’t been into the diner because they’re losing weight or trying to watch what they eat. While it’s true there are certain inherent problems with eating out, we could all stand a little education on how to eat out and avoid certain problem foods.

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