Strawberry Matcha Butter Mochi Cake

Keeping Wasps and Flies Away from your Barbecue

…you could wrap 10 bricks in bright yellow paper and place them evenly in a circle at a radius of, say, 8 feet from the picnic/barbecue area. Drop some treacle on each…

Modifying Your Recipes, More or Less

You’ve found that perfect recipe, but it makes enough to feed a small army. Now what? Learn how to modify recipes to suit your needs.

Preparing Lobster Tails

Learn 3 easy ways to prepare these succulent treats.

Do you own an AGA or RAYBURN cooker ?

Ever scorched your towels or important articles of clothing when drying them on the cooker hand rail? Simple clip on rail extension now available that really works !

10 Dishes Every New Bride or Groom Must Know How to Make!

Learn what 10 dishes all new brides and grooms should know how to make!

ServSafe Food Program in Montana a Success

Food Safety is paramount in our society. This simple program is such a success others should copy it.

Make-up or Mixing Methods for Muffins

When muffins aren’t perfect, the first reaction is to change the ingredients in the recipe. Rather than changing the recipe, try a different mixing method.

About Baking – Eight Tips for Perfect Pancakes

Get the griddle hot enough. Set the griddle on high or medium-high heat. When the griddle is hot enough, water droplets will dance on the surface. After putting batter on the griddle, turn the heat to medium.

How to Bake – How Long Should My Bread Rise?

The best way to tell if the dough has risen enough is not by time-though it helps to set the timer so you don’t forget about your dough-but by look and feel. It will look soft and bloated. When you touch the dough, it will be soft and your finger will leave an indentation when lightly pressed against the dough. If it is not ripe, the dough will tend to slowly spring back.

All About Baking – Quick Breads

It’s no wonder quick breads are so popular. They are easy, fast-as the name implies, nearly foolproof, versatile, and oh, so good. We commonly know them as sweetened loaves with fruit or nuts, somewhere between yeast breads and cakes in texture and sweetness. They are leavened with baking powder and baking soda. Banana bread and date nut bread are typical though some books list recipes for savory varieties.

How to Make Sandwich Rolls With Your Bread Machine

For that next picnic or family outing, consider making sandwich rolls with your bread machine. They are quick and easy and so much better than what you buy from the stores.

What is Gluten and Why Does It Matter?

Gluten is a substance made up of the proteins found in wheat flour that gives bread its structure, strength, and texture. Without these marvelous little proteins, bread would not be bread. It also explains why it is so hard to make bread from rice, potato, or oat flour and why wheat flour has to be added to rye flour to make bread-only wheat has enough protein. The gluten makes the bread.

Why Do We Need to Knead?

Bread dough needs to be elastic in order to capture the gases created by the yeast, stretch as bubbles form in the dough, expand, and rise. Without that elasticity, bread would not have the open texture we enjoy nor would bread be chewy. But what creates that elasticity?

Is Cooked Food Really All That Good For Us?

In nature all animals eat living foods as yielded up by Nature. Only humans cook their foods and only humans suffer widespread sicknesses and ailments. Those humans who eat mostly living foods are more alert, think clearer, sharper and more logically and become more active. Best of all, live food eaters become virtually sickness-free!

Microwave Ovens and the Healthfulness of Microwaved Food

Learn about the safety of our exposure to microwaves and the concerns about the healthfulness of microwaved food.

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