So delicious that I cook them 3 times a week! Best dinner!

What Is Marinated Garlic?

Marinated Garlic is the marrying of raw garlic cloves, vinegar, spices, other seasoning, and heating them together to bring about a process that will cook the garlic cloves yet allow the nutritional value to remain. I love garlic and enjoy eating and cooking with it. It can be prepared in many different ways just for the fun of it.

Gourmet Magazine Recipes For Easy Everyday Cooking

Gourmet magazines are one of the best places to find gourmet recipes. This article will teach you how to find the best gourmet magazines for each food group.

Nosh Fest – How to Throw a Memorable Fondue Party

Dust off your fondue pot and invite your friends over-fondue is back in style! You’ll have so much fun with this interactive meal that you’ll wonder why you ever relegated that pot to the back of your cupboard. The foodies at Get Cooking love a good nosh fest and have prepared some tips and menus for throwing a memorable fondue party.

What Is This Chimney Starter Thing? And Do I Have To Use One?

If you are one of those chimney starter pros and use one all the time, you may just want to keep on browsing. But if you have never heard of one, or are just curious, it has to do with charcoal and grilling.

The Basics of Middle Eastern Cooking

If you like authentic, delicious food then you might want to learn how to prepare Middle Eastern Recipes at home. Read more to discover the basics of Middle Eastern cooking.

Preventing Common Kitchen Accidents

Burn injuries can occur in any place in the home but they are most frequent in the kitchen. Kitchens are dangerous places for children and other members of the family. Fortunately, by following a few simple steps, the dangers of the kitchen can be reduced.

Christmas and Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Help for the Turkey Impaired

Tired of your usual dry, boring Thanksgiving turkey recipe? Read on for tips on preparing the perfect bird for Christmas or Thanksgiving. When asked if they want gravy, your guests’ answer might just be “heck no!”

All About Basil

There are so many things to know about basil. This article talks about how basil is known as the king of herbs as far as cooks are concerned. It helps to fight cancer and is knows to Greeks and Hindus as a spiritual herb. Greeks and Indians use this herb to ensure a dying person will have a safe journey to where they are going. Their are many interesting facts here.

How To Make Cooking Easy And Simple

Most of us treat cooking as a torturous chore that has to be endured at the end of a long working day. We all look and marvel at people who enjoy cooking and look forward to cooking at home and wonder what went wrong with us. To tell you the truth, the basic difference between people who enjoy spending time in the kitchen and those who don’t is just a little bit of planning. With proper planning, you can easily fix good home cooked meals for the whole family within half an hour and once you find cooking fast and easy, you will look forward to making and eating wholesome home cooked meals.

Mix and Match Your Meals

So, how do you pull it all together on those nights when one child has scouts, one has lessons or a game, you have a meeting, and everyone needs to eat – really quick? My answer is to mix and match!

Find Out What The Joy Of Cooking Is

The joy of cooking is not the same as enjoying cooking. Learn what it means to see others and then experience the joy in cooking.

Chef Knife Sets Or Different Individual Knives – Which To Consider When Buying Chef Knives?

Most people that are either skilled in the kitchen, or professional chefs know the importance of having good quality knives. These are the essential tools of creating culinary masterpieces, and fine dining quality gourmet dishes. But a question always arises, should I have one complete set of knives that are the same brand or maybe have a hybrid collection of individual Chef Knives like a Henckel knife here and a Wusthof knife there?

Terms and Techniques Used in the Kitchen

Here are some kitchen terms and the meanings for them, so they may be helpful to you when trying to understand the cookbooks on today’s market. They may come in handy to help understand the terminology that chef’s and pastry chefs use in the kitchen when describing items or tasks.

5 Fun Kids Cooking Activities

Do your children like to spend their time making awesome mud pies or are they constantly stirring up some of their best grass soup? Then maybe it’s time to let them loose in the kitchen with these fun kids cooking activities.

The Secrets to Making the Perfect Sushi

SUSHI it is a plate of Japanese origin with rice cooked decorated with vinegar of rice, or homemade sushi vinegar and sugar. This preparation is very popular and you can get it world wide and is the most popular food in Japanese gastronomy. The most of the people associated sushi with seafood or raw fish but, you can also find vegetables or egg, or even deep fry sushi and cook food can also accompany the rice.

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