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Cooking Terminology – 10 Useful Definitions

Take the mystery out of cooking and reading recipes. Use these 10 useful definitions to better understand cooking & cooking techniques.

Breakfasts – The Hidden Present at Christmas

If there is one thing associated with Christmas nearly as much as presents; it just has to be food. From a dinner with all the trimmings, through decadent desserts, and onto all the sweet treats and fancy snacks. One area that doesn’t always get a look in is breakfasts though; but there is no reason why not.

Nutritious and Healthy Home Cooking Tips

For people who have been watching their diet, healthy eating is not just picking the right kind of food but also cooking them in the right way. Yes, we tend to stay away from fast food and instead cooking at home by ourselves, therefore, in doing this, take time to read the following paragraph can help you get the most of your healthy food choice, especially for those who are counting all those calories to keep fit.

How to Make Your Own Herbal Vinegars and Oils

Using your home grown herbs to make herbal vinegars and oils for cooking is really quite easy. Not only will you save money, you will find your home-made products are tastier and fresher than those you buy. This article guides you through the process of making vinegars and oils, as well as giving tips and cautions on use and storage of your products.

Slow Cooking – Convenient, Healthy, Delicious and Economical

We live in a world of immediate responses and fast-foods, so the idea of slow cooking sounds old-fashioned and inconvenient. But, the reality is the art of slow cooking is gaining popularity because it actually saves time, is a healthy way to eat, provides absolutely delicious foods that take very little time to prepare and save on the expenses of heating up your range and your kitchen!

How to Sharpen Kitchen Knives

Owning a great set of kitchen knives is very important when it comes to preparing a meal properly. Some would even say that your knives are direct reflection of your skill as a cook. The better condition your knives are in, the more capable of a cook you are.

Pizza Cheese Breathes Life Into a Pizza

Every one knows the importance of pizza cheese. It accounts for that tingly taste of pizza. The taste of pizza is defined by the kind of cheese used in it because with every bite the teeth pull into this cheese. As an important piece of advice, select your cheese with caution, so that the pizza is finger-licking good with every bite of cheese heart-felt.

Secrets of Making Great BBQ

If you want to make great BBQ, you need more than just some tasty sauce. There is an art to making good BBQ. There’s a science to it too.

Laying Out a Kitchen For Ease of Cooking

It is important, if installing a new kitchen, to think about how to best lay it out to ensure that it will be easy to cook in it. To do this you will need to think about the preparation process, and go from there.

Cooking Guide For Meat

Meat should be cooked according to the cut. The more expensive cuts of tender meat require very little cooking and can be fried, grilled or broiled to develop a rich flavor. The tough cuts of meat are juicier and contain excellent food value but must be cooked more slowly. Slow cooking in water softens the fibers and dissolves the connective tissues, making the meat tender. Tough meat should be cooked by simmering, stewing, steaming or pressure cooking.

How to Buy the Best Chef Knife Set

Are you a cook? Or do you have a relative/friend/significant other who is? If so, then purchasing a good chef knife set can completely change your experience in the kitchen. On the other hand, purchasing the wrong chef knife set will give you nothing but headaches. Here are some tips to follow so you can be sure that you purchase the right chef knife set for you.

Infrared Cooking Appliance

Are you tired of the time it takes to prepare meals for your family after a hard day at work preparing a decent meal can be a daunting task? Many people do not have the skills to cook up terrific meals in no time. Many of us end up ordering take out or going out to restaurants far more than our budget allows. Well I have good news for you it does not need to be that way anymore.

Market Availability of Yeast For Baking Breads

Grocery stores stock at least one kind of yeast. Look in the baking foods aisle for active dry yeast and most likely you’ll find it and a few other choices for your baking fun.

The Benefits of Having a Portable Barbecue

Guys, this may seem like an obvious proposition: are there any benefits to having a portable grill? The answer is of course!

Bread Machine Recipes Don’t Proof the Yeast

Proofing yeast is a way to make certain that the yeast will work in a recipe before you actually add it to the other ingredients. To understand proofing we need to first understand what yeast is.

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