Red Velvet Shortbread Cookies

Spice Up Your Life With Cod Fish

If you are planning to cook for a large group or wish to bring a tasty, unique dish to a party, then cod is a wonderful choice. There are an amazing amount of cod fish recipes to choose from that will help you please any crowd that you will be feeding. Whether you are feeding children or an older crowd, there is a cod recipe out there to please all palates.

Crabby Delight – Dungeness, That Is!

Crab is an amazing food that nearly everyone can agree they enjoy. Even people who are not necessarily fans of seafood find crab to be quite pleasing with its tender white meat. While there are many types of crab out there, Dungeness crab is an excellent choice for a meal. Dungeness crab recipes employ all different kinds of seasonings and methods of preparation, allowing you the freedom to explore which flavors are most pleasing to you. Though there are many ways to cook Dungeness crab, a traditional favorite that has a place in everyone’s heart are crab cakes.

Bringing The Family Together At Mealtime! Easier Than You Think!

Simple tips to bring the whole family to the dinner table! Find easy and healthy recipes to get them together for traditional family meals. Common-sense solutions for today’s two income lifestyle!!

The Foodie

Foodies are persons that are completely obsessed with all things pertaining to food including growing food items, and preparing these foods foodies are always looking for … The foodie has a passion for Food that goes back for generations in there families history witch also for them

Cooking Made Easy For the College Student

Cooking is made easy for the college student with just a few choice appliances. Life in a dorm may be your first time away from home where your meals are prepared for you. Although there is usually a food service available, many students are opting to prepare at least part of their meals for themselves in order to save money.

How to Work With Fondant – Easy Fondant Covered Cake

Learning how to work with fondant is an intimidating endeavor for many beginning cake decorators. Fondant decorating is actually very simple, and just about anyone can master it with some instruction and practice. This article will give you practical tips and step-by-step instructions on how to work with fondant to make a fondant covered cake.

Is Your Crock Pot Really Energy Efficient?

This is a good question. So I figured I would do a little research before I come to any conclusions. To say that I received mixed results is putting it mildly.

Spit Roaster BBQ’s – Are They Right For You?

There are many different types of BBQ out there and prices can range from $50 up to $9,000. How do you know what suits your lifestyle? What traps are there that you won’t find out until AFTER you’ve purchased. This series of articles reviews all this for you to help you make the best choice.

Down and Dirty – Cleaning Your Fish

In today’s world we have the luxury of eating all kinds of meat without having to deal with any of the rather graphic details of hunting or prepping the goods. When we purchase our meat at the store there is usually little to no resemblance between the meat and the animal it once was.

The Spice of Life Comes Out With Black Cod Recipes

Eating outside of the box can be even more difficult than thinking outside of it, but it is important to explore the different culinary avenues of life. Breaking away from tradition can be a little scary, but at times the risk pays off tenfold. For seafood fans, trying new kinds of oceanic treats can be a daunting task but there are some wonderful, underappreciated fish out there. One of these underrepresented seafood delights is black cod.

Lights Out For Crabs

One of the toughest parts about cooking is knowing that sometimes the slightest mistake in time or preparation can compromise the quality of the meal completely. While it is best to keep this crippling fear as far out of one’s mind as possible, it is important to remember to take any and all precautions beforehand to so that a dish is not ruined by a silly mistake due to lack of knowledge.

Salmon Lovers Choose to Keep it Quick

Some foods can really handle the abuse of untrained cooks well, showing little difference in taste and texture between the undercooked and way overcooked varieties. Salmon, however, is not one of those foods, and it is important to know how long to cook salmon when buying it at your supermarket or local seafood market.

Another Great Salmon Option For the Dinner Table

We Americans just don’t get tired of salmon: we buy it in every imaginable form, whether fresh or canned or frozen, and we prepare it in every possible way, from raw to cooked through. Thanks to the sustainable fisheries of Alaska, it looks like there are going to be countless more generations of salmon harvests to come, meaning that we will continue to have the privilege of this exquisite culinary treat being served up in our local stores for the better part of the year.

To Get the Most Flavor, Put Your Salmon Over the Flames

There are few things as popular as a good barbecue: there’s always one going on every weekend, every sunny day, no matter where. Perhaps it is because grilling is one of the most ancient cooking methods known to man; there is something instinctual that comes out in each of us when enjoying a grill out.

Keeping Your Salmon Juicy and Delicious

Everybody is dying to eat salmon, and of all the ways that salmon arrives in our supermarkets and seafood markets, people are hankering for salmon fillets more than anything else. Thanks to Alaska’s sustainable and rigorously managed fisheries, we get fresh salmon brought in to our markets-even in places well on the other side of the continent from our northernmost state-for the better part of the year, meaning that salmon fillets are to be had in quantity for a long stretch during the salmon season. With the fame of this fish being what it is, many people want to know a little bit more about how to cook salmon fillet, and how to avoid drying it out, making it lose its form, etc.

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