Recipes You Should Learn If You Love Noodles

Making Your Own Breakfast

What’s for breakfast? Learn how to make lots of delicious breakfasts.

Two Tips For Great Winter BBQ

Just because there is some snow on the ground it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a BBQ. Admittedly your family and friends may not want to sit around watching you cook and listening to the story about the big fish that got away. They will however still enjoy the perfectly cooked steak, ribs or just about anything else you produce.

Freezing For Christmas

The Christmas period is a happy but busy time for all of us. Make full use of your deep freeze in preparing all sorts of time saving items.

Recipe Tweaking For the Home Chef

Take a good recipe and make it a great one with your personal spin. “What’s for supper?” becomes an pleasant experience instead of a chore.

Toasted Sandwich Maker – All-Clad Panini Maker

Have your kids flown the nest? Are you wanting to eat healthier but not spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Then try an All-Clad Panini Maker or toasted sandwich maker. The stove top style is easy to clean and is a great way for healthy cooking for two. A toasted sandwich maker also makes a great stove top grill and since it cooks from the top and bottom it cuts cooking time in half. Here’s a few tips and ideas for quick easy meals.

Selecting the Right Menu For Your Special Occasions

When you have special occasions, you will need to get the right menu for the guests. Selecting the right menu for your event is just as important as selecting the best location because taking great care in planning a menu shows your guests how much you appreciate them Food can communicate a theme, convey a feeling, and even set the mood of an entire night.

How to Enjoy the Benefits of Cooking Low Carb

You do not have to cramp your style of cooking on a low carb diet. And if you’re not the one on the low carb diet, your free to add a few good high carb dishes to your menu along with the low carb dishes, and enjoy your meal in contentment. This way everyone eats healthier and no one suffers, even the actual dieter!

The Best Ways to Eat Pancakes

Pancakes are delicious in the most ordinary state. The great news is that you can make them even better with these fun ways to eat and serve them.

Why Are My Pancakes Tough?

Do you ever make flat, tough pancakes? If so, find out how to fix them.

How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds in the Oven

Pumpkins are part of fall decorating and Halloween fun, but many of us don’t take the time or know how to utilize the many benefits of the pumpkin seeds or the meat. Save the seeds to make a healthy snack to eat while watching a movie or to keep in your vehicle. They are better for you if you make them yourself because you can control the amount and kinds of spices on the seeds.

How to Make Beef Jerky in Your Smoker

Learn how to make beef jerky in your smoker and you’re joining hands with the pioneers of old. Back when beef jerky was a necessity for preserving the meat. Smoking jerky is easy and the flavor of smoked jerky is outstanding.

Cooking Quinoa – How To

Quinoa has a nutty, crunchy but chewy earthy flavor and it’s not sticky like regular rice. It can be a healthier alternative for pasta, rice and other grains. You can serve it anytime of the day whether we’re talking about breakfast, lunch or dinner here.

Canning and Community – How Learning Life Skills Strengthens Neighbourhood Bonds and Puts Down Roots

I had an epiphany of sorts back in 1978 when we had a tree full of ripe peaches. I was only 17 at the time but my love of fresh fruit generated a deep desire to preserve the abundant peach harvest we were enjoying. As you might imagine, I had no idea where to begin. I mentioned to a friend’s mom that I was interested in learning how to can peaches and she immediately offered to “teach” me.

Cheese Panini

One of the most wonderful things about panini is how versatile they can be. Far from being a sandwich that can only be created several ways, just about any sort of ingredient can be used in. This is most evident when selecting cheese panini recipes – so many sorts of cheese can be used in them.

Freezing Dairy Food

All dairy foods attract the flavors of other foods and develop an unpleasant taste. Therefore, good packaging is essential to protect the delicate flavor of dairy produce.

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