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Advantages of Using a Cooking Oil Filtration System

A cooking oil filtration system is a mechanical filtration device that purifies frying oil to maintain a consistent oil quality. When oil is used in large quantities to fry food, there is a large amount of particle matter that falls off the food and mixes with the oil. Over time, the oil gains color and odor, all caused by the particles suspended in the oil.

Why Use a Cooking Oil Filtration System?

Food experts will immediately advise any establishment to go ahead and utilize a cooking oil filtration system. The problem with frying ranges that use cooking oil fry food is that food being cooked constantly deposits particles into the oil while being cooked. This causes a large amount of sediment to become present in the oil.

Increase in The Life of Your Cooking Oil – Oil Micro Filtration

With the jumps in cooking technology, there have been major enhancements to the way food has been prepared. One of the primary goals most food establishments have tried to accomplish is maintaining consistency in food production. With cooking oil filtration systems becoming readily available and with most establishments using these, food is prepared to specific standards that are more easily attained.

How to Cook Healthy Meals – 5 Golden Rules How to Prepare Your Meal With a Minimum Amount of Fat

Our excessive consumption of fat, especially the unhealthy saturated fats, leads to an increasing number of severe illnesses like high cholesterol, heart attack, stroke, obesity and others. You can lower the risk of such diseases significantly by preparing your meals with less fat and focusing on healthy rather than unhealthier fats. Discover five simple yet very effective tips how to prepare your meals with a minimum of fat!

Tips on Making Yeast Breads

When making yeast bread, you’ll want your loaves to look and taste extra special. Here are some helpful hints we recommend for achieving a perfect product every time. Although you can still make bread the conventional “soften-the-yeast” way, consider the newer easy-mix method. It eliminates the year-softening step since you combine the dry yeast directly with the flour.

Ten Kitchen Utensils You Must Have

Kitchen utensils are one of the essential accessories in cooking and food preparation. The best ones are made up of sturdy and quality materials that last long. It has a lot to do in our everyday kitchen needs.

Great Indian Cooking Ingredients

Spices are one of the significant cooking ingredients of Indian cuisine. Spices and herbs are also one reason why Indian food is becoming famous to people around the world.

Three Ways For Singles to Stop Throwing Away Money With Food

As a single person, do you find your food spoiling faster than you can eat it? Stop throwing food money in the garbage with these 3 tips.

The Wonders of Outdoor Cooking

Do you want to really enjoy your outdoor trips? To stay away with the troubles camping equipments usually bring?

Collapsible Colanders – Affordable Price

Collapsible colanders works just like any other colanders, just that it can be folded and kept away easily. Basically, a colander is a container of the shape of a bowl and many small holes on it so that it can separate the liquids and solids while keeping the solid in the bowl. It usually has a stand which allows the bowl to stand on, so as to prevent contamination.

Using Bakers Percentages to Scale Your Pizza Dough Recipe

Making your own pizza from scratch is a rewarding enterprise. But as pizza by its nature is suited for serving as a party food, where the amount of pizza needed can vary, it can be hard to multiply out your pizza dough recipe to figure out exactly how much to make.

How to Make Pudding Successfully and Easily

Puddings are not as difficult to put together as most people imagine. Once all the ingredients are assembled, it takes only a few minutes to mix the pudding. The steaming takes five or six hours, but the only attention required during this time is to occasionally top up the steamer with boiling water.

How to Buy, Keep and BBQ Great Tasting Fish

For great tasting barbecued fish cooked outdoors there are some basic guidelines that should always be followed. Before cooking fish outdoors you really should ensure that you buy yourself the freshest fish available. Thereafter, its going to come down to keeping the fish fresh before it’s cooked, ensuring you have the right kit to cook it with, and then following 12 basic guidelines that will ensure great tasting food for all your friends and family.

Roasting With a Convection Oven

Convection oven roasting is different than doing the same job in a conventional oven, but it doesn’t have to be hard. A convection oven, such as those produced by Anvil America, works by circulating the hot air through the oven.

How to Make Sausage – Step-by-Step Instructions

Some people believe that making your own sausage is a complicated and daunting undertaking. But making your own sausage is easier than you might think. Here is a step-by-step guide that explains how you can make delicious homemade sausage in your own kitchen.

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