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Barbecue and Food Safety

From being a summer activity shared by family and friends, the barbecue is now rapidly becoming a year long activity. Cooking in the outdoors has its share of delights; it comes with a set of hazards as well, especially those linked with food contamination. As the barbecues grow in number and frequency, it is become all the more important to follow food safety norms while enjoying the barbecue.

Three Innovative Kitchen Gadgets

Looking for tools to help make cooking easier? Here are three innovative kitchen gadgets to make it easier to cook.

Why One Pot Meals Are So Simple

In the busy era of today, many households prefer to eat out rather than cook their own meals. However, busy as you are, it is always a good thing to cook your own meals because by preparing your own lunch or dinner, you will be able to control what you eat.

Free Cooking Tips – How to Prepare a Luscious Ham and Egg Scallop and Sausage and Cabbage

Have your Rachael Ray cookware set up on the table as we are going to cook two delicious recipes that you love ones will surely go craving for. Get your cookware sets right away and let us blast off to a rewarding cooking.

Free Cooking Tips – How to Make Ham Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Before we take off and begin cooking these two great recipes, you first set you Rachael Ray cookware on the table along with the necessary ingredients. Without a doubt, your family will go craving for the delectable food.

Top 5 Baking Accessories For Beginners

Here are the five necessary baking accessories in our kitchen. In fact, we have multiple sets as you know how cumbersome it is to keep washing them for the same recipe. So what’s your favorite?

Feast Your Kids Eyes on Their Favorite Food

Hot dogs are one their favorite choice, which ranks first up. It is made up of fillers, spices and meat that are commercially prepared by combining those ingredients. It can be eaten without providing further cooking. Hot dogs are best with buns, topped with cheese, bacon and mayonnaise.

Make Homemade Jam to Learn Home Preserving

Jam is basically fruit, sugar and pectin. Making homemade jam is not difficult, but like many other things, you will get the best results by using the right tools and techniques.

Interesting Facts About Serving Platters

Discovering the right dinnerware is usually confusing if you don’t know what to watch out for. Obtaining the correct one which matches your way of life needs an individual to search for something that complements your present tableware.

Digital Kitchen Scales – Tips in Buying One For Your Kitchen Needs

People who love frequenting the kitchen to cook need to make sure that the amount of ingredients used in the recipe is accurate so that the taste of the dish remains the same no matter how many times it is cooked. While measuring cups were often used in the past, now you don’t have to go through the trouble of filling one cup after another to get the right measurement. With the use of digital kitchen scales, it is now very easy to get the measurement that you need.

Barbecue Wines For Enhancing the Barbecue Experience

A barbecue is a terrific way to celebrate summer season and also to throw a summer party. Since it is outdoors there’s usually less clearing up later on and it’s also a perfect way to stay outside the house a little more than normal and take pleasure in the rare patches of clement weather.

Features of a Quality Kitchen and Cooking Knife

Know what to look for in kitchen and grilling knives. A quality knife can save you time and help with safety in food preparation. Find the features of a quality kitchen knife.

A Technical Explanation – What Are Bakery Fats and Shortenings As Used in the Baking Industry?

Fats and oils are also predominantly triesters of fatty acids and glycerol, generally called “triglycerides.” They are insoluble in water, but soluble inside most organic solvents.

Bag Sealers Are an Easy Way to Preserve Your Food and Beverages

The packaging industry has some of the most complex equipment that some feel it involves rocket science. Machines have to be extremely precise when filling bottles that only have a half inch opening or making sure no to fill a bag so much that it bursts.

Supermarket Olive Oils

As I was surfing the web today for articles on my favorite subject, extra virgin olive oil, I came across an article which rated “supermarket olive oils” (mid-priced, nationally available oils). A term that was new to me.

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