Recipes To Help You Get Over Your Ex

Finger Food That Will Impress Your Guests

Fancy appetizer trays are easy to purchase, but why not be creative and make them yourself. They taste better and are sure to get compliments for you.

Sunday Souffle

Tired of having meat at every meal? Try my Sunday Souffle for a refreshing change of pace.

Cheese Omelet-The Real Way

Almost everyone makes omelets in a pan on top the stove. I make mine in the oven

How To Cook Vegetarian At Holiday Season

Here are some suggestions that will remove the anxiety of how to cook for a vegetarian or vegan during the holiday season. Knowing the right questions to ask your guest in advance and having a few simple options will make all of the difference.

Know The Difference Between Cooking a Domestic Goose and a Wild Goose

Every so often somebody will bring over a goose at Christmas. I wish they would have it oven ready.

Cook Supper and Make More Time for Yourself

Take-out or dining out is not an option for most of us. It’s not the healthiest way to eat, and it’s simply too expensive on the family budget. Whether you have several children or live alone, everyone can appreciate a few spare moments to do something other than worry about what to cook for dinner, and then face the clean up time in the kitchen.

Do More With Tortillas

Tortillas are not just for burritos and quesadillas, there a many ways that this round piece of flat bread can work for you.

Family Fun Can Start in the Kitchen

Turn the heat up on a date, make things sizzle while the two of you peel and cut vegetables together, toss a salad, make sauces, whatever is on the menu, have fun spicing up the evening as well as the entrée.

Kids and Vegetables, Don’t Mix Well at Your House?

I have been sneaking veggies into my children’s little tummies for years now, and they’ve been none the wiser. The secret is in the gravy. As you may know; gravy of all kinds and flavors are simple to make, whether out of a store bought packet or home made, it goes great on most foods. From potatoes, rice and even pasta, you can usually find a flavor or sauce that will compliment your dish.

Help for Your Pre-Packaged Meals

Working late, kids soccer game ran long, caught in traffic, we’ve all been there. This just means that the family is hungry and we feel rushed to get something on the table. Just because you may be in a hurry, doesn’t mean you must settle for feeding them a box of sodium and preservatives. Yum!

Behold the Cookbook

Cookbooks were used in every literate society, in one extent to another, from time immemorial. Cookbooks took off with the proliferation of the printing press, as the rising middle class wanted books to tell them how to cook. When recalling the history of the cookbook, the name of Fannie Merritt Farmer rises to the top of first-class chefs and writers, and she was responsible for the standardization of cookbook measurements.

How To Render Lard and Why I Do It

There are a significant number of products you get from a pig. Not much is wasted when all is said and done.

Bundt Cake Baking Tips

Bundt cakes are delicious and nice looking. They can also be extremely intricate. Taking these few steps can help you avoid a disaster when removing your cake from the bundt pan.

Pickled Pig’s Feet

Men seem to ask for them. They can be found in most supermarkets. Do you ever wonder how they are made?

Head Cheese

Have you ever wondered why they call it Head Cheese? I like it, but only if it is home made.

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