Recipes To Get You BROWNIE Points!

Different Kinds of Wok

In Malaysia and Singapore, it’s called a Kuali, in the Philippines, it’s called a carajay, but most of the world simply calls it by it’s Chinese name, a wok. In Asia, the wok is probably the most frequently used kitchen implements, and once you discover how versatile it can be, it might just become the most used piece of cookware that you own.

Easy to Learn Sushi Menus

It is always been an interesting scene watching a chef preparing your sushi dish. Indeed a sushi chef is always a point of envy to a lot of people because of their skills. The amazing knife skills, proper ingredients and techniques used are quite hard to learn by an ordinary person.

Introduction to Frozen Dough Technology

After working many years in a frozen dough factory supplying frozen products to bakeries, cafes and restaurants, I had the chance and the pleasure to get quite a lot of experience in the production of good quality frozen dough. A good quality frozen dough product is a product which, after having been frozen for up to 6 months, still comes out of the oven as beautiful, appetising, attractive to the eyes and tasty as a fresh product. So it gives me a great pleasure to share with you some of the secrets about frozen dough production.

Why Every Home Needs an Italian Cookery Book

Every home should have at least one Italian Cookery Book. If you’ve ever wanted to create perfect pastas and pizzas just like your favourite restaurant then you’ll need a good cookery book, find out why here.

Top 10 Easy Dishes You Can Make With Your Food Processor

10 of the most easiest things you can make and do with a food processor. When you can do it with a food processor there is no way you will go back to doing it by hand. These are the top 10 things that the food processor makes easy to use.

Top 10 Things to Watch Out for When Buying a Food Processor

This article gives you the top 10 things you should look for when buying a new food processor. All you will need to do is look out for these things when buying and you should be able to buy the best one for you.

The Different Types of Beef Steaks

Beef steaks are among the most popular choice of meat that people eat in the United States. It is a red meat that offers a delicious taste and can be served in a wide variety of different ways. Many people enjoy having their steaks grilled, fried, roasted, or even broiled.

Choosing a Pasta Drying Rack

If you make your own pasta then you probably have a pasta machine. Now it’s time you had a proper pasta drying rack as well.

The Magic Crisp Microwave Crisper

The Magic Crisp Microwave Crisper is nothing short of ingenious. Why you may ask? Because the brilliant minds of the As Seen On TV world simply grabbed a 25 year old product and brought it back with a new twist.

Kitchen Tools and Gadgets – Fun and Function!

Have you ever thought about how much fun you could have with some kitchen tools and gadgets? By making just a small investment, you will have the tools you need for years of dressing up your table, not only when you are having a party, but for the enjoyment of your family too. By purchasing just a few items you can dress up your table and have fun at the same time.

How Do You Cut an Onion Without Tears? Some Useful Tips

Onions are our common vegetables in our kitchen, thanks to its unique taste. Of course, this vegetable needs to be cleaned first. After cleaning and removing the outer shell, the onion should be cut.

Tips on Picking a High Quality Cutting Board

When looking to add all of the necessary accessories to your kitchen, a cutting board may well sit fairly close to the top of the list. If you want to choose a quality board for your kitchen you will need to think about a fair few factors in order to do so.

Kitchen Utensil Unit Level Artificial Intelligence Needed for the Future

You know what we really need for the modern kitchen – we need utensils for cooking which know when you need them and learn which utensils you like to use when preparing certain dishes. For instance; let’s say you are cutting up a chicken breast to put into chicken soup. You have the pot out that you use to cook soup in, and a chicken breast out on the cutting board.

Beginner Cake Decorating Techniques

If you’re a beginner cake decorator then you’ll want to learn the tips and tricks of the pros so you don’t have to spend loads of time and money on projects that won’t turn out. By knowing the tricks of the trade you can propel yourself further into the cake decorating realm than you ever dreamed and start making some awesome cakes that will wow your family and friends.

5 Must Know Cake Decorating Techniques

When you’re decorating cakes it’s best to always have the best cake decorating techniques. These five tips are crucial to making an awesome cake that can amaze your friends and family.

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