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Ten Essential Herbs And Seasonings For Your Kitchen

One of the main reasons why people don’t use a lot of different seasonings is because they aren’t quite sure what works with particular types of foods. There are ten essential herbs and seasonings, besides salt and pepper that you should have in your kitchen that will go with almost anything.  

Mad About Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are one of the world great delights – at least for some people. There are those who don’t like the thought of eating something classified as a fungus! For all of you who love mushrooms, here’s some great information about the various types and a few suggestions for their use.

The Mouth-Watering Tastes Of Italy

Authentic Italian cuisine – not pizza and canned spaghetti – holds an international reputation comparable to that of French cooking. While genuine Italian cuisine varies from one region to the next, there are common characteristics that distinguish it from other cultures around the Mediterranean. For starters, Italian cuisine probably isn’t for vegetarians, since most of its dishes rely heavily on meat.

Clove Spice Is Aromatic and Anesthetic

Cloves are the aromatic flower buds of a tree native to the Spice Islands. Cloves are used in whole form or ground as a powder in cooking. Cloves have a very strong aroma so a little goes a long way in any recipe.

Coriander Seeds and Fresh Cilantro Leaves From the Same Plant

Coriander is used all over the world in many cuisines and it goes by several names, including cilantro, Spanish cilantro and Chinese parsley. It is one of the few plants that provides both an herb and a spice.

Gluten Free Recipes Make the Cut

Gluten free recipes are taking the world by storm – everywhere you turn there’s a new one competing for your attention. But not all recipes are alike, and it takes more than a pretty photo or catchy title to make a dish successful. Meals that truly satisfy us possess many noble qualities; virtues that make us want to prepare them over and over again. In this article a wholefood chef, gluten free specialist and cookbook author shares her tips for finding quality recipes so the food you prepare excites your taste buds, supports your health, fits your lifestyle and nourishes your soul.

9 Tips to Making Mouth Watering Chocolate Chip Cookies

Think back to a time when you where a child and coming home to the aroma of homemade chocolate chip cookies. It’s not hard to do. Homemade chocolate chip cookies (CCC) made from scratch are the absolute best.

What Makes a Great BBQ Pit Smoker?

If you are serious about your BBQ and love slow cooked, tender, smoked meats, then you absolutely need to get a BBQ pit smoker. But before you run out and make your purchase there are a few things you should know to look for.

What Makes Japanese Kitchen Knives So Special?

The world over, kitchen knives are used daily be almost every household. They transcend cultures, cuisines and continents and are one of the most striking universal symbols of cooking and food preparation. Given this, one might expect a little more diversity in the design of kitchen knives in different countries, but in reality the styling is often dominated by the established French, British and German knife forgers.

Southern Seasoning – Learn Secret Tips Of Authentic Southern Seasoning

Having the right southern seasoning is a very important part of the southern tradition. It is important because it is what makes a southern meal southern.

Choosing a Kitchen Knife

My first tip has to be to avoid going for the generic, unbranded kitchen knives. If you are in the USA you have Walmart, Costco and other big chains who will stock and sell their own kitchen knives. These are – as you might have worked out – not actually their own, branded knives, but simply a repackaged version of cheaper, generic product.

Caring for Your Programmable Crock Pot

Cooking in a programmable crock pot or slow cooker is easy, cleaning one is a little trickier. Make sure you a cleaning your programmable crock pot correctly!

Factors Affecting Microwave Recipes Cooking

Several factors which influence timing and results in conventional cooking are exaggerated by microwave speed. From conventional cooking you are familiar with the idea that more food takes more time.

Tips On Small Rice Cooker Buying

Not all people are fond of cooking. Most of them cook to eat and are not too passionate about it. In other words, most of them do not want to spend too much of their time in the kitchen. At the same time, all of us agree that there is nothing as exciting as eating home-cooked meal. So, to ease up rice making on a daily basis, you need to know what a small rice cooker is.

How A Small Rice Cooker Operates

A rice cooker is a kitchen appliance that cooks rice. These kitchen appliances consume gas or electric energy. The electric models are very common and more convenient. To prepare this cereal in a pan, one has to constantly pay attention to verify if it is ready.

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