Recipes That Taste As Good As The Second Time Around

Satisfaction Guaranteed

How many times have you heard that phrase? How many times has it been accurate? If you want something guaranteed to your satisfaction, do it yourself.

Artichokes and the Mediterranean Diet

Artichokes hide many secrets. That’s what makes them so delicious and special. Learn to choose the best artichokes, and learn mouthwatering meal ideas straight from the Mediterranean.

November, The Month of Venison

How do you prepare venison? What is canned venison? Will you teach me how?

The Stockpot and The Ore Boat

What do a stockpot and an ore boat have in common? The answer to that question is, my father.

The Heel of The Bread

Unless you live in a climate controlled bubble some days are not for baking bread. Do you have a favorite bread? Maybe you only like a certain part of the bread.

A Bushel a Day

When you plant a garden be prepared to spend a lot of time in it. When the garden is ready for harvest just be prepared for anything.

There Are Times When a Recipe Is Actually Needed

Sometimes a recipe should be followed. The first clue you get is when the family dog will not touch your creation.

The Special Pickle Jar

Pickles are not considered a necessity. They add a nice, flavorful addition to any meal. But only if they are good.

The Perfect Pot of Baked Beans

Do you remember something from your past that you wish you had today? Have you ever tried to re-create that something?

Halloween Cake Conjures Up A Witch’s Brew!

Whether or not Halloween is a holiday you just can’t wait for, or one you hope will soon pass, if you’re like me, then you know how much fun Halloween cakes can be to decorate!

Cooking: 3 Ways To Bring Summer Dishes To The Table Year Round

When it comes to summer foods, most people want to look forward to it. Summer food cooking does not have to be limited to the summer months, though.

What is E. Coli and How to Prevent It

According to the Center for Disease Control, E. Coli O157:H7 can be highly contagious with an estimated 75,000 cases and 61 deaths per year in the United States alone. So what is E.coli, where did it come from and how do we prevent it?

Ease in the Kitchen

Have you ever wanted cooking to be easier? Learn 7 easy steps by reading this page right now!

Soup or Stew – If It Is In a Pot I Call It Mojakka

I have had many discussions about soup and stew. Someone will say they are the same. I say they are totally different. You may or may not agree with me.

Hamburgers And Eggs Need Tender Care

I rise today in defense of the hamburger and the egg — two noble foods which have been almost completely done in by indifferent American appetites.

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