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3 Things to Know About Candies!

Candies are basically prepared by dissolving an amount sugar in water or milk so as to form syrup after which you will start boiling to achieve a caramelized mixture. The end product would depend to the end result of the whole process undergone by the solvent. It can be any of the following: candy, caramel, toffee, fudge, praline, tablet or taffy.

Secrets of the Art of Candy Making

Who doesn’t love candies? Just the picture and the sound of its name could already bring yummy thoughts to our minds. Candy has always been everybody’s favorite. That makes it a staple source of delight in every celebration. Notice how they pump up our Christmas decorations and how they serve well as welcome gifts. That in itself is a living testimony of how well-loved this sweet little thing called candy is throughout the ages.

Mercury Content in Fish

Mercury is a heavy metal element that is generally found in its liquid state. For many years, prior to the scientific discovery that Mercury is harmful to human, mercury was used in children’s toys because of its slippery and shiny surface. In the 1920s German scientists conducted several experiments that concluded Mercury was toxic to humans. Since then, exposure to mercury has been dramatically reduced; however, modern consumers ingest Mercury through its presence in many fish.

4 Tips to Build a Good Bark on Your Smoked Meat

Bark is that beautiful, mahogany crust that forms on your ribs, shoulders, butts and briskets when you slow-smoke them just right. The bark should look brown – but never black. If you have black bark, then you have burnt bark.

Great Roast Potatoes

I have tried time and time again to get my potatoes to come out just right. Sometimes I think it’s the timing, sometimes the temperature setting of the stove and other times I’m convinced it is the stove itself having a joke! Finally I have found three great recipes that work a treat!

Becoming a Chef – Do You Want to Become a Chef (or Just Cook Like One)?

Maybe you’ve dreamed about being a chef before; you love your time in the kitchen, cooking and experimenting with different ingredients, tastes, and textures for family and friends, with different recipes. What does it mean to truly embody the life of a top-notch chef, though?

All About the Cooking Options of a Fire Pit

The usage of fire pits has become quite common nowadays and people have started using it to serve various purposes. Many people use it for the purpose of cooking, many people use it for the purpose of performing healing arts, and many people use it for the purpose of adding decor to their outer space and for many other purposes.

Brute Containers and Lids

Lids for brute containers are available separately or along with the containers. Lids are available in square, round or dome shapes.

Pasta N More – As Seen on TV

Cooking with the pasta n more is one of the easiest ways to prepare meals in a hurry. This as seen on TV product is one to keep an eye on!

A Barbecue Smoker Allows You to Add Just the Right Amount of Smoke Flavor to BBQ Meats

All smoked meats need good smoker cooking recipes to get the most flavor for that particular cut of meat. It’s just a matter of putting the right ingredients with the right meat for the right smoked meat flavor. Experimenting using different cooking equipment with different cooking techniques and meat cuts is the most effective way to get the results you want.

Barbecue Sides – Your Outdoor Cooking Side Dishes Should Not Be Just an Afterthought

Your barbecue sides require that same amount of preparation and thought you give to the meat. They’re supposed to be a compliment to that awesome piece of meat you’ve just cooked. And done right, the barbecue side dishes will become a big part of that overall bbq experience.

Learn How an 8 Cup Rice Cooker Steamer Could Save You Money

Traditionally, rice has always been an affordable and necessary staple in many households around the world. The vast culinary experiences one could get from using it has long proven that it fits in rather amicably with any type of meat or vegetable. An 8 cup rice cooker steamer can help you cook meals faster and waste less.

Healthy Cooking Your Kids Will Love

It can be a challenge to get your kids to eat healthy foods. They love junk food; it tastes great, it is convenient and it is usually full of fat and sugar. All is not lost; it is possible to get your children to make healthier choices.

Cooking at Home With Restaurant Quality

I work in restaurant management, and earlier this week I made amazing Habanero Glazed Chicken with the help of the Sous Chef. Tips and tricks can go a long way.

How to Have a Wedding on a Budget – The Wedding Cake

Weddings today are such a massive expense, and seem to be an excuse for retailers to add a series of noughts to their normal pricing. So it was that when my daughter announced her forth-coming wedding at a time when my money pot was empty, and I was passed the challenge of arranging everything.

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