Recipes For When You Don’t Want A Boring Bowl Of Cereal

Cooking in 3 European Countries – Scottish, Polish and Italian Cuisine

Cuisines in different parts of the world are of course not the same. But even on the same continent they can vary. Such difference we can see in three European countries – which are so close but have so not matching cuisine.

Pantry Check – Do You Know What’s in There?

If your pantry cabinet is like mine, it probably has a lot of stuff in it, in cans, boxes and other containers. It’s very easy to forget exactly what’s in there…and how long it has been there, unless you check it on a regular basis. This can set you up for some problems, ranging from annoying to deadly.

Ceramic Kitchen Knives – What Are They and Why Should You Use One

My personal desire for ceramic knife grew from a visit to a friend’s house shortly after she got her first ceramic kitchen knife. After I saw her easily cutting paper thin slices of tomatoes and onions with this strange looking white blade knife, I decided to do some research.

How to Microwave a Potato Properly

Microwaving a potato at times can be tricky. The problem that many people run into is that the potato ends up being rough and dry on the outside while being uncooked in the middle. It’s hard to get a good mix where the potato is cooked through all the way evenly when using a microwave.

Identifying the Most Common Baking Disasters and How to Avoid Them

Home baking can be a very rewarding hobby, turning simple ingredients into wonderful cakes, biscuits, breads and other baked goods. Yet even with the easiest recipes, the outcome can sometimes be disheartening. Here are a few hints, tips and tricks to avoid commonplace baking problems.

Tools For Juicing

A juice diet or just a routine of juicing weekly is a great way to improve your health. While there are a wide range of juicers out there, you can get started with some simple tools.

10 Essential Items For Stocking a Healthy Kitchen

If you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy foods is a critical component to that. As such, having the right tools in your kitchen can make healthy cooking much easier and more convenient. Here is a list of ten essential items you need to cook those healthy meals with as little trouble as possible.

Top Tips For Cooking With Herbs

Fresh Herbs: Fresh herbs are more delicate than dried and can lose their flavor if cooked too long. To enjoy the most intense flavor when cooking with fresh herbs, you can add them towards the end of the cooking process. You can also add some of the herbs freshly chopped to your food when you are finished cooking, and save some for garnishing the plate as well.

Slow Cooker – Useful Tips For Cooking

While browsing the internet or watching TV you have definitely seen or read a commercial for a slow cooker. I’m sure you wondered what is a slow cooker and why is it so advertised. I mean, we all know how much better it is to eat a home cooked meal instead of fast food, right? But sometimes, preparing a home cooked meal can be time consuming, and you can’t do anything else because you have to watch you meal and stir it so it doesn’t get burned.

Using Enamel Pots and Pans in the Kitchen Makes Sense

When you are cooking a special meal in the kitchen enamelware comes in handy. You should only buy enamel cookware that is within your budget however. However, getting the pots and pans for an affordable price is not always that simple.

Cooking Your Own Meal – How to Make it Possible

Cooking may be a challenge for many of us. It’s an art that must be learned and perfected. Learn how to make it possible.

Making Great Scrambled Egg Omelets

There are two types of omelets. One is more traditional with the egg on the outside and the filling on the inside. The other incorporates the omelet contents into the egg, and can be considered a scrambled egg omelet or perhaps scrambled eggs with “stuff” in them. I prefer the later as it’s easier to make, more consistent in taste from bite to bite, and kids love it too as what you see if what you get.

Barbecue Basics – Five Facts You May Not Know About Barbecue

There are many things people don’t know about barbecue. There are also many things that many people do know about barbecue. See how many of these five facts you already know about barbecue.

The Secret to Picking the Perfect Popcorn Salt

Choosing the right kind of popcorn salt for your popcorn popping is important. Know the right way to pick the best popcorn salt to make your snacking perfect.

My Favorite Cooker Smoker

Before the Weber cooker smoker, I had a horizontal smoker which had a fire chamber on one side. It was pretty good, except one thing – temperature control problem. If you don’t make BBQ too often then it’s OK. Some of my friends (who had a Weber smoker) advised me to buy it, since it’s much more useful and makes the whole BBQ process much easier. It has a lot of room for several birds and ham, so you don’t have to wait much.

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