Recipes For When You Don’t Feel Like Working Out

Gourmet Cheese Course – Food Pairing Inspirations

A cheese course is about observing and enjoying contrasting and complementary flavors. There are no hard and fast rules.

How to Substitute For Egg in a Recipe

If you are worried about your cholesterol intake, or if you just ran out, you might want to choose egg substitutes over eggs in your favorite recipes. Here are some helpful hints on why and how to substitute for egg in a recipe.

Finding Joy in the Winter Blues

I am not sure about you but we New Yorkers are getting hammered by yet another blustery snow storm. It seems the arrival of Spring can’t come soon enough although there are only 23 days until the Vernal Equinox. Why not light a fire, get cozy and embrace the winter blues – blue cheese, that is.

Beginner Camp Cooking Made Easy

Cooking meals while camping isn’t as hard as it sounds. Keep in mind you don’t need to make elaborate meals, you can keep it simple. You don’t have to cook over a campfire, instead you may choose to cook with a Coleman grill which runs on propane gas.

The Remote Cooking Thermometer – My Favorite New Gadget

My talents don’t include those of a good consumer. Although I’ve made many purchases, I’m not one to run right out and impulsively purchase the latest trendy gadget. To be aware of what is new on the market, you have to read magazine ads and watch TV commercials and I don’t do either.

Why Do All My Roast Pork Recipes Always Just Crumble When I Try to Slice Them?

How come I cannot get my roast pork recipes to slice nice? All they want to do is crumble and fall apart.

Usages of Barbecue Equipment

People from all parts of the world cannot deny the aroma and taste of barbecue. Whether cooked on a charcoal grill, a wood burning barbecue smoker, or a rotisserie equipment, everyone enjoys this traditional southern cooking.

Rice Cooking – How to Cook Perfect Rice

Cooking rice is very difficult if you do not have a rice cooker. It requires a lot of attention form you and even if you give your attention to it, you often end up burning them instead. In this light, we really need to thank rice cookers or rice makers for making our lives easier.

4 Reasons Why Deni Vacuum Sealers is a Popular Choice Among Consumers

Among different types of vacuum sealing and packing machines, Deni vacuum sealers is a popular choice and it is a well known brand for packing machines. Different sizes of sealing machines are available for both residential and commercial use. It is always better to buy well known brand devices if you want to store foods for a longer time without any worry about food spoilage.

Popcorn and a Movie Night

Nothing goes better with a movie than popcorn, and nothing goes better with popcorn than a movie. Going to the movies at the theater is great, but can get quite costly with the price of tickets and snacks for the whole family. Skipping the popcorn is just not an option, so instead of going out to the movies, rent a movie and make some at home.

All About Gourmet Popcorn

If your popcorn comes ready-made in a cellophane bag, or you toss a bag of popcorn into the microwave before the big game starts, you’re cheating your taste buds out of enjoying the wonderful flavor and texture that can only come from gourmet popcorn. Popcorn, short for popped corn, isn’t just any corn.

Rice Cooker Review – The Best Rice Cooker According to Their Type

Rice cookers are one of the most utilized kitchen appliances of most Asian kitchens and recently have made its way in American kitchens. These rice makers are great devices to cook rice perfectly. They use a sort of thermostat to lower down the temperature once the rice is cooked.

Yes! You Can Cook Asian – Getting Started With Asian Cooking

Asian cooking is all about balance. Just like yin and yang, the key to great Asian food is to balance out opposites.

Choosing the Right Vacuum Machines That Match Your Needs

Many home owners understand the need for vacuum machines for their storage requirements, but they don’t usually know how to select the right machine for their home. There are different types of sealing and packing devices available in the market and hence, it is better to understand your needs before you start shopping for such a device. Cost The cost of the device is usually the most important factor considered by average home users.

Egg Ring – Effortlessly Cook Picture Perfect Eggs

You have been invited over to a friend’s house for breakfast and are now sitting at the table wondering, “How does she do it?” You are there eating and in front of you are a perfect pair of eggs! Every time you cook eggs, they look more like something that has been dropped from many feet in the air. And yet, here you sit looking at eggs that appear to have just stepped out of a page of the monthly cuisine mag. Her secret? The egg ring.

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