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Learn How to Prepare Mouth-Watering Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka is a simple yet special Indian recipe that is prepared by marinating paneer in a mixture of hung curd and spices. Read the article below to learn the preparation of mouth-watering paneer tikka.

Cooking Safety For Kids

You have to make sure that you always teach them the right techniques in handling food products for them to learn fast and easy. Always enjoy cooking with your kids since this is not a task but an exciting activity that you can do with them.

What Are the Most Common Food Poisoning Types?

Food poisoning types are limited in that they all involve the presence of something in the food or beverage that causes ill effects. Typically these things are limited to certain categories. They include bacteria, virus, parasite, or toxin. Some of these types are far more common than other varieties, but there are commonalities among all these types.

What Are the Common Food Poisoning Effects?

Food poisoning effects differ depending on the cause of the food poisoning. Some food poisoning effects are quite common in all causes though.

What Are the Most Common Food Poisoning Signs?

Food poisoning is something that approximately seventy-six million people in the United States will experience this year. There is a single common treatment in nearly every variety of the illness though. That treatment is simply increasing the amount of fluids that the individual takes in. If you suspect that you may be experiencing food poisoning signs you should begin to drink more clean water.

What Are the Main Food Poisoning Causes?

Food poisoning is a common thing. Some seventy-six million people will suffer from the condition in the United States this year. There are some different food poisoning causes. Among the most common causes of food poisoning are bacteria, viral, and parasite. Each one has different details such as symptoms, onset and duration, but there are some commonalities as well.

How to Make Delicious Breakfast Smoothies

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Smoothies are a great way to start your day and give you the necessary boost of energy for your daily activities. Read more to know how to make delicious smoothies…

How to Make a Hangi

The following is a quick overview of how to make a Hangi. It’s in no way a full guide, but it will present you with a good indication of what’s required.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers Are Here to Help You Eat Healthy!

Cuisinart ice cream makers can be smart and cheap companion in your healthy food preparation. They can help you get excuse for that second helping of ice cream! Because the summer is here, and we crave something light, cold and refreshing what is better in this hot weather than the scoop of frozen cream?

The Art of Cake Decorating Can Be an Expression of Yourself

A cake does not have to be just a cake to you anymore. Make it something special in your kitchen, by making it your own. Whatever you make it, it will be yours, and you will have created it yourself. Relax and enjoy the process.

Basic Understanding of a Spiral Slicer

One of the best ways to please anyone is to take him or her out for a good lunch or dinner. Everybody enjoys delicious mouth watering food. And to add to this if the food not only tastes good but also looks good, then it increases the pleasure of eating it. Food decoration is among the many ways of making a food item look good. You will agree how good the decorations are in the form of spiral strands of carrots that spread over or around a plate of salad. These eye catching food decorations are made by spiral slicer.

Cooking With Herbs and Spices – For Health

Herbs and Spices have been used for centuries, to flavor foods and for medicinal purposes. The herb is mentioned in numerous texts, right from biblical times, and possibly used even before that by Neanderthal man. The healing power of certain herbs is indisputable, and from the rain forests to Africa, the natives of those areas still rely on their ‘muti’ or medicinal plants over modern medicines.

Cooking on a Sailing Yacht – Essential Cooking Ingredients

There are many challenges when cooking on a yacht – from having to cook in windy or rough conditions, having limited cooking utensils and limited space to keep essential cooking ingredients. In this article I talk through some of the more useful ingredients to have on-board so you can ensure a good varied menu when on a sailing holiday, longer delivery route or cruising. This article does not include perishable food such as fruit, vegetables and mean – these will be dealt with in further articles.

How to Cook Healthier

Statistics have shown that a large amount of people across the world are inclined towards consuming cholesterol-rich fast food which has led to their health complications. Not surprisingly, the larger part of this demographic has been the younger generation. People need to understand that there is a number of health risks involved in consuming such foods.

How To Choose A Breadmaker

Just imagine being at home, enjoying the smell of fresh bread at your kitchen, and then cutting that soft bread, spreading jam or butter on and having it. Can you hear the crunch of the crisp, and the heavenly taste of bread? Cherish the moment!

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