Quick And Easy Snacks For Night Owls

Competition BBQ – What is a Competition BBQ? Part 1

Competition BBQ has grown in popularity over the last two decades to become in many cases both a spectacle and a source of open competition that reflects the great American tradition of cooking BBQ food. This is the first part in a series of BBQ competition articles to educate and encourage those who are new to this great source of competition and camaraderie.

I Love Anchovies! I’ll Bet You Think You Don’t Love Anchovies But You Do, Too

What is that makes people run screaming from dishes that have the word anchovy attached to them? People see anchovies listed on the menu in their neighborhood pizza parlor or in a Caesar salad in a restaurant and turn their noses up. Well, not me. I love anchovies. To me, anchovies mean an exciting dish.

What is a Chimenea and How Do You Cook With One?

If you want the true taste of outdoor cooking, then you need to learn how to cook with a terra cotta chimenea. This article provides a description of the chimenea, an explanation of how it works, and some tips on how it should be used.

The Secret to Making Delicious Indian Food

The Indian recipes are exotic and delicious. But it is a matter of time that you realize the Indian dish you made doesn’t taste like the way it should. Find out simple but effective tips on making real Indian dishes.

Champagne and Cheese

Food has always been a very important aspect of our lives. We put a lot of thought into it’s preparation, and equal effort into the tools we use when serving it.

Top Baby Finger-Food Ideas to Solve Baby Feeding Problems – Proven Tips From a Mom of 18 Months

As a mom of an 18 months baby, I understand you very well – Sometimes feeding a baby makes us mad. I’ve had similar problems too. But I’m always trying to get out of this trouble by applying various methods. And one of my proven ways to solve baby feeding problems is baby finger food ideas.

Are Homemade Food Items Really Less Expensive?

Is it really less expensive to make your own food items at home as opposed to buying convenience foods from the store? Once you factor in the cost of the ingredients and the time that you spend on it, does it really add up to savings? Most of the time the answer is a resounding yes!

Best Way to Can Food

Many individuals will grow their own veggies because they do not utilize any damaging chemicals to grow them. Other people will develop them because they relish the whole process and they wish to preserve money from having to purchase them from the grocery store. What we want to know is what do these people do once they are all grown.

5 Inexpensive Frosting Tools For Unique Birthday Cupcakes

If you want to take your cupcakes to the next level, there are a variety of tools under twenty dollars that will help you add a professional touch. These tools will not only make your cupcakes beautiful, but will also save you time and help avoid messes. They’ll expand your cupcake decorating repertoire and inspire new, tasty ideas.

Tasty Summer Snacks For Kids

Learn some great delicious recipe ideas that you can make for you and your children this summer. They are sure to love every one of them.

Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products

Tomatoes are the most widely home-canned product in the United States. They also are one of the most commonly spoiled home canned products. Follow my tips and advice on how to properly can tomatoes.

Slash Your Grocery Budget With Freezer Meals

In a down economy it’s important to cut costs wherever you can. We all need to make the most of our income. One way to gain extra funds every week is to be careful with your food budget. Freezer Meals can help you gain control of your grocery funds.

Making Meals You Can Freeze

Making meals you can freeze can be a great time and money saver. Often referred to as once a month cooking, having freezer meals on hand eliminates the desperate run through the drive thru and allow you to put a hot and nutritious meal on the table every night without stress.

Some History of Cooking Fried Fish and Seafood Texas Style (With Tips and Techniques)

Not too many years ago, in the first half of the 20th century, cooking fish and seafood was not that popular in Texas. Before refrigeration, cooking and eating fresh fish, and especially having a variety of fish, was rare fare for any Texan living any distance away from the Gulf of Mexico coast. Ice even had to be brought in by boat to the coast.

Electric Knife Sharpeners – Never Have Dull Blades Again

There comes a time in every kitchen knife’s life when it is increasingly harder to cut with it. The edge gets dulled and therefore you feel like you’re trying to cut your steak with a spoon. The best way to get the sharp edge back to the blade is to use an electric knife sharpener. And while there are many choices when you go to purchase an electric knife sharpener, you should take great care to learn how to operate one correctly and safely.

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