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Weekly Dinner Menus – Mealtime on Autopilot

When you are seriously tired of being asked (and having to figure out) “what’s for dinner?” every night you can see the wisdom in new ideas and suggestions. One idea you might consider is to put your weekly dinner menus on overdrive; meaning plan once and know what you’re eating for a very, very long time.

Small Changes – Big Taste Results

Tired of doing your favorite recipes the same old way? Check out what a few simple changes can do to improve their taste and your confidence in your cooking.

10 Tips For a Great Cook Out

Have you looked outside lately? Summer is on it’s way and with it brings thoughts of picnics, cook outs and barbeques. Here are a few good ideas to make it as pleasant for you as for your guest.

Why I Like Slow Cookers

The slow cooker is one of my favorite tools for cooking. I tell you why, and give some tips I like to use.

Re-Defining – Let’s Celebrate

Like many families before the current depression began, we would often dine out to celebrate occasions both big and small. If it was someone’s birthday, we would go out. If I got a consulting job, we would go out to celebrate. Heck, just our monthly pay days were often reason to celebrate. The bill was almost never less than 40 GBP for dinner for two and a bottle of wine. If we brought the children, then the bill would be between 75 and 100 GBP. But like many other families since this whole economic downturn really began in October of last year, eating out is one luxury that has virtually disappeared from our lifestyle.

Cheesecake Baking Tips

Whether you are an accomplished baker or an amateur baking a cake for the first time, you will be delighted to know how easy cheesecake can be made. Sponge cakes or biscuit crumbs can be used as the base for cheesecakes.

Chocolate Cakes and Muffin Tips

Chocolate is a very popular confectionery thought the world. It has been my favorite food since young. I like to use chocolate as ingredients since I started baking. As chocolate cakes are among the most demanding and tempting pastries available, it is necessary for me to highlight several points when making chocolate cakes.

Easy, Fast Dinner Recipes

Is there any mom or dad these days who doesn’t long for some tried-and-true, tasty, healthy, easy, fast dinner recipes? The days of mom staying home and beginning to prepare dinner right after lunch are long gone; today’s lifestyles demand that food not only be tasty but also nutritious, simple, and fast.

Cheap, Quick and Easy Recipes

Most adults and even children are very busy these days; parents work all day and run errands and take care of things they need to do during lunch hours and after work. Kids are in school, study, and are involved with after-school activities. And now, the economy is not as good as it once was, either.

What Oil Should You Cook With?

What’s the right oil to cook with? And does the smoke point really make a difference to your health? Learn which bottle to take off the shelf when you want to do low temperature or high temperature cooking.

How to Choose the Perfect Appetizer Recipes For a Party

Appetizer recipes that are wisely and thoughtfully chosen for a party will make a positive lasting impression on the guests. Be thoughtful and creative, but at the same time not worried or stressed. Consider these points when planning an appetizer party menu.

Get Out of the Kitchen Quicker – Easy Dinner Preparation Tips For Busy People

If you’re like most people these days, you’re very rushed and tired at the end of the busy workday. Thankfully, you’re living in the 21st century rather than in the days when preparing food was anything but convenient. Women spent the majority of their days in the preparation of meals. Those days are gone and now you have options.

Personalize Convenience Foods by Adding a Few Extra Ingredients

No doubt about it, convenience foods are convenient. Sometimes, though, convenience foods taste bland or one flavor prevails. You do not have to give up on convenience foods. Adding an extra ingredient or two can change the flavor of quick fix foods and make them taste homemade. Even better, you may add ingredients from your heritage.

Pulled Pork – A Tried and True Method

Details on one excellent method that makes a delicious pulled pork. Instructions that allow the average cook to make a common dish uniquely theirs.

All About Borsch – The Traditional Russian Beef Soup

Borscht – one of the most traditional vegetable soups of Eastern Europe, dating back to the end of 18th century. The main ingredients are red beets that give it a strong red color. Not greatly popular in US, beets are widely used in Russia, Ukraine or Poland.

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