Pork ribs with beer! Nobody believes that they can cook at home! Amazing!

What to Look for in a Cooking Class

When considering taking a cooking class it is important to find a class that will be of the most benefit to you. There are a wide variety of cooking classes available and finding the best one for you can be intimidating. Here are a few ‘what to look for’ tips when considering a cooking class.

How Do You Use a French Press?

Is it even possible nowadays to have an absolutely best tasting, most full flavored coffee without traveling to South America? Learn How to Use a French Press.

Planning for Those Holiday Meals

If this is the year that you have been chosen to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for the entire family you may be feeling overwhelmed. But, as long as you prepare and have everything ready beforehand, your dinner could be that special wonderful meal.

Preparing Your Food For Winter

Like the labels that read, “Gourmet”, “Slow-Cooked”, “Old-Fasioned” or “Locally Grown”, you’ll love this!

5 Ways to a Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is always a busy time and of course you want your Thanksgiving Dinner to be perfect, but each year you seem to behind. Guests show up and dinner is not ready. Well, these five ways for a perfect Thanksgiving Dinner should help ease your stress, so you can also enjoy your meal.

Choosing a User-Friendly Cookbook: 7 Tips

Cookbooks, like people, come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. But how do you choose the right one for you? It’s simple, if you follow these 7 easy steps.

How to Plan a Successful Dinner Party Menu

Giving a Successful Dinner Party requires Planning. Here is some help with the menu!

Serving Guide for a Fruit Platter

Fruit is usually a big hit with family and guests. Use this easy to follow guide to select, prepare, and serve an appetizing fruit platter.

Planning a Fondue Party

Fondue can be an intimate dinner for two or a fun interactive party for a group of friends. When planning a fondue party you should plan for either a sit down dinner or a fondue buffet.

The Family Meal

The family meal has suffered in the changing family environment. Moms and Dads are both working and a large portion of homes are single parent homes. This disturbing trend may be a joy to take-out restaurants but it has detrimental effects to the family and children.

Sauces Used in Asian Cooking

The sauces used in Asian cooking can be intimidating and confusing when standing in the grocery store. Here is a simple guide to help with what flavors are found in each sauce and what dishes these sauces work best in.

Deep Fried Turkey Practice

If you’re interested in deep frying your Thanksgiving turkey this year, this article will help you get prepared. Learn why frying a practice turkey in October is important and how it will help you when Thanksgiving comes.

Save Time in the Kitchen

Ever feel you just didn’t have enought time? Here are some helpful hints to save you some!

A Few Tips and Tricks For Using Vanilla Beans

If you watch any of the cooking shows on the Food Network, you’ve probably seen chefs on these shows scraping a vanilla bean to use in some fanciful dish. The process of scraping the bean looks so simple when they do it. They take a very sharp knife and slit the bean lengthwise, then scrape out the tiny seeds from the pod.

Eating Healthy? Get Out the Cast Iron Skillet

You may think you need high-tech appliances to fix healthy meals. Think again. Cast iron skillets are making a comeback and for good reasons. Get with it and get healthy. Use a cast iron skillet to fix healthy meals for yourself and your family.

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