OUTLAWS’ meat! Just MY DAD knows to cook it

The Advantages of Panini Bread Recipes

If you are fond of eating bread and making sandwiches, now is the time to put a twist to your usual snack. People can’t resist sinking their teeth into a crunchy, flavorful sandwich or bread. However, you will easily lose your appetite if you keep on eating the same stuff every day. This is where panini bread recipes come in.

The Best Ways to Keep Seafood Fresh Naturally

Not surprisingly, seafood should not be treated in the same way as meats and poultry. In order to keep seafood fresh one must place special emphasis on the safe and careful handling of it. Fish and shellfish dwell in a very moist environment indeed, often extremely cold, sometimes just above freezing. As a result of this fresh seafood should be kept very cold and moist while being handled with care; improper storage or rough handling can do a great deal of harm to seafood products.

Need to Know Salmon and Fish Tips

Some simple ways to ensure that the fish and salmon that you buy is fresh and safe to eat. Also included are some cooking tips and serving suggestions.

Big Green Egg Smoker BBQ

In the world of smoker grills, no one holds a candle to the Big Green Egg. Maybe you have heard of it, or maybe you even own one? If so, you know that the Green Egg smoker is unparalleled in its capabilities to consistently cook at temperatures such as 700 degrees Fahrenheit. But, let’s focus on the benefits of using the grill as smoker throughout this article, because that is one of the things that people love so much about this product.

Turkey Tips For a Wonderful Dinner

Having the urge to prepare a well cooked and delicious dish for your family? Turkey might not be your usual dish but when the correct methods are applied, a fabulous dish would leave your family members salivating for more.

What Are the Best Ways of Cooking Healthy Food?

If you have decided to follow a diet plan to lose weight, you then need to decide how best to prepare your meals. Even though you may be having fresh fruit and vegetables, you won’t want to eat everything raw. There are several ways of cooking healthy food and you will be able to do so without having to make great changes from your usual cooking methods.

Braun Hand Blender

The Braun series of immersion hand blenders are any cooks dream. Imagine the versatility of chopping and blending with ease and convenience, not to mention the all important quick clean up. With three levels of power to choose from and a sturdy design, the Braun hand blender is a force to be reckoned with.

Learn How to Make Gourmet Cheese by Yourself

Do you know that you can make gourmet cheese right in the comfort of your own kitchen? Yes, we do not have to rely on the grocery for everything. There are certain kinds of food that we can make ourselves such as cheese.

Different Ways to Be Successful in Cooking

This article is about how one can be more efficient at cooking and working in the culinary arts. It lists ways in which you could prepare for cooking that will get you the best results such as cleaning up after yourself and cooking in a peaceful atmosphere so you can keep your area organized and your food has a better chance of tasting better.

How to Find the Best Chocolate Muffin Recipe

Interested in baking some chocolate chip muffins? When choosing a recipe, there are many things to bare in mind. Hopefully with this article I will be able to help you choose the perfect chocolate muffin recipe.

Fun Cooking Tools For Kids!

For kids in Aspen, Denver, or anywhere in the world, the fun in cooking is not only about the food they are making. The process of preparing the food is one of the things they love the most. The use of gadgets and utensils stimulates their curiosity and creativity.

Spice it Up!

I’m sure the phrase sugar and spice and everything nice rings a bell to many, but, let me tell you: it is not only what little girls are made of. All children, boys and girls, can benefit from knowing the basics about seasoning. Spices have been used for hundreds of years; and it’s no surprise why.

How to Barbecue – A Short History and Instruction of Barbecue – Part 1

Many of us have the memory of dad firing up the backyard grill and getting ready to barbecue ribs, chicken or steak for a cozy summer cookout. It is a tradition that has come down through the years with one generation passing on the tricks, techniques, and secret barbecue sauce recipes to the next, preserving a time-honored ritual that is a part of the very fabric of American life today.

Meat Tenderizer Tool and Marinade

Meat is one of the highest quality foods that humans may eat. It is one of the most nutrient-rich foods that humans eat, but it is also one of the most expensive food items. This is the main reason why so many people buy less expensive cuts of meat.

Preparing and Storing Venison

Bagging a good sized deer can get you a load of fresh venison; on average 70 lbs worth, and 100 lbs is not unusual. According to meat processors, an average 145 lb deer will yield 8 lbs of tenderloin, 14 lbs of roasts, and 18 lbs of steaks and 20 lbs of ground venison.

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