ONLY my husband may cook the MEAT in this way. Nobody else can make THIS recipe!

Cake Decorating Expert

Cake decorating brings obvious pleasures – it looks beautiful, it enhances the flavor of the cake, it gives the cake a ‘wow’ factor and adds to a sense of occasion, and delights everyone everywhere with anything approaching a sweet tooth! And so to be the agent of that beautiful decoration, the person capable of turning a basic cake into a tower of beauty and artistry, brings immense satisfaction and fulfillment. Receiving the thanks and praise from family or friends or colleagues as we product a gorgeous cake for some special occasion really makes you glow.

Protect Your Meat: Improve Your Meat Freezing Technique

Are you always having to toss frozen meat due to freezer burn? Well, I say “no more”. By adding water to my freezing process I have eliminated freezer burn from my life. In this article I show how you can too.

Adjust Recipes and Learn How to Create Your Own Dishes

Adjust recipes you already know how to prepare to open the gate to creating new and exciting dishes you can call your own! The more you follow these simple steps the better cook you’ll become and the more dishes you’ll create.

Kitchen Organization Made Easy

Kitchen organization makes life easier. Less time is required to find a tool, utensil or food product. You’ll also have more room. Get started today on your kitchen organization tasks.

How To Prepare Chicken Wings

Having been shocked at the amount of chicken wings leaving the country because we can’t be bother with meat on the bone. This article demonstrates how to prepare and cook great chicken wings.

Four Fabulous Reasons to Purchase A Bread Making Machine and Let It Do All the Hard Work of Kneading

Kneading is a fun and enjoyable aspect of making bread at home. The action of rolling, pulling, pushing are the simple actions of bread kneading that allow your dough to take shape. Though sometimes you just feel like a break from all that hard work of kneading the dough, and that’s where a bread making machine comes in handy. Learning how to use such a machine is as simple as placing your ingredients into the bread pan, and pressing the start button. Here are four fabulous reasons to purchase a bread machine so that you can make delicious loaves of bread and baked goods for the family to enjoy.

How to Successfully Cook Fish on Your Gas Grill

Cooking fish on your gas grill is not like cooking a steak. Knowing a few tips and a bit of practice and you will soon be an expert.

How To Age A Steak

Great steak house quality steak at home. Learn to age steaks and save big dollars.

Make Breakfast Fun With Pancake Molds

In simple terms, pancake molds are kitchen equipments that are have been specially designed to assist persons make pancakes into different shapes. These can be compared to cookie cutters that are often used to create different forms of cookies only this time molds are utilized to make pancakes into different shapes.

How To Fillet And Prepare Gurnard

Gurnard is not one of the most popular fishes but with the advent of sustainable fishing it must be seen more often on the fish counter. To ensure you are not put off by the way it looks, here’s my experience of preparing and cooking it.

How To Cook Black Pudding

As soon as you mention the phrase “black pudding” many will turn up their nose because of what it is. Usually however they are wrong about what it is and certainly they have never cooked it. If you fall into that category can I appeal to you to at least give this wonderful delicacy a try?

How to Freeze Food the Right Way

There are several advantages to using your freezer well, many of which are described in the article Making the Most of Your Freezer. There are pitfalls such as freezer burned food however, and some foods are better for freezing than others. In this article you will find out which foods freeze best, how to prepare foods for freezing, how long they should stay frozen, and the best methods for thawing them.

Wok Racing – Can Your Wok Do This?

You’re most likely a stir fry fan and more importantly a fan of the traditional wok or you would never have found yourself at this page reading about wok racing. Your first impression would be to expect some long forgotten Cantonese wok cooking technique. Well just so I won’t disappoint you let me describe in detail just what you will need to produce this technique.

Use Your Food Processor To Make Fresh Homemade Pasta!

I love fresh homemade pasta. When I first learned to make it, I was taught the old-fashioned way. Eggs and flour were kneaded by hand. This is not easy to do. There is a much lower moisture content in pasta dough vs bread dough, making it much more difficult to knead. It is no surprise that I searched for an easier way to make pasta. Luckily, I found it! My food processor now does all the hard work for me when I make fresh homemade pasta.

5 Easy To Follow Cooking Tips To Super Charge Weight Loss

If you are looking to supercharge your weight loss you need to start in your kitchen. There is no question that eating out is probably one of the leading causes of obesity in North America, and you know what it can be reversed and you can look good in your clothes again. Here are 5 super simple cooking tips to supercharge your weight loss.

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