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Call Me the Olive Oil Snob

Okay, okay, you can call me the olive oil snob, it’s fine with me. But after reading all I could get my hands on, concerning olive pomace oil, it is the last oil I would put in my mouth.

Hot Dogs and Garlic Salt

It was a lazy weekend afternoon, and I was seven years old. I had just spent the entire morning playing hard outdoors, circling the cul-de-sac on my pink and white Barbie rollerskates and trying to teach myself to come to a stop without leaping off the sidewalk onto someone’s lawn. Sweaty and invigorated, I burst into the cool quiet of the kitchen to see what my mother was doing.

Learn Top Barbecue Skills Today

Three quick and easy tips are given to assure great real smoke barbecue. First, get a real smoker for the task. Second, rub or marinate your meat.

Allergy Free Cooking Tips

Cooking allergy free foods does not have to be dull or complicated. Here are some suggestions and tips to help you get started today.

Unique But Delicious Egg Recipes

Eggs are delicious, incredibly versatile, and very healthy when eaten in moderation. The EZ Cracker Egg Separator makes cooking with eggs simpler today than ever before. It uses an ingenious design that enables you to crack eggs without making a mess or getting shell bits in your food.

Deep Fryer For Perfect Frying

In parties, gatherings, special occasions etc., fried food will never be absent from the table, it is always there, simply because frying is really simple and can be done really fast. One can prepare food for number of people just by frying chicken, pork etc., in 30 minutes or less, but frying in a regular fryer can be a strenuous task, especially if you have to cook and prepare for the big number of people.

The Best Barbecue Accessories For Your Backyard Deck Or Patio

The right barbecue accessories can really increase your chances of having a successful and stress free cookout. With only a small investment you can make sure you are ready to prepare a wonderful meal, and quickly cleanup afterward.

Cooking and Using Eggs in Your Kitchen

Eggs are a great food to make in all sorts of dishes. Learn about the most traditional ways to use eggs in your cooking. They make fast, easy meals for the busy person.

Making Cooking Sauces – Different Gourmet Sauce Bases

What makes a sauce a sauce? Learn about the 5 basic cooking sauces that make up most all sauce variations around the world.

Do it Yourself – Make Sushi

Sushi started in the 7th century when the Japanese presented the process of pickling. Fish was packed with rice and as it fermented, lactic acid was made. This long procedure (taking two months to a year) gave the fish the signature flavor that is now known as Nare-Sushi.

Break Out in a One Pot Meal

Cooking an all for the best meal in one pot is one of the most practical things to do. It can save you a lot of time plus keeps you from consuming countless gas or electricity while cooking your favorite dish.

Electric Cheese Grater

Because cheese is such a versatile food ingredient, it is a part of many different kinds of dishes. Mexican cooking leans heavily on cheeses in many dishes, Italian food is the same, and you would find it hard to cook without the use of cheese. If you cook a lot, you might want to invest some money into an electric cheese grater.

How to Make Your Fried Rice More Delicious

It is easy to make a fried rice for your family that they can’t resist to eat every morning. Your kids and your husband will not have a perfect start without this. And a cupful of coffee for him and milk for the kids.

Discover Great Barbecue Ribs Today – At Your House

Making great smoked barbecue ribs at your home is fun, easy and delicious. All that is needed to make great smoked ribs is a smoker, some ribs, a spice rib and some sauce.

How to Eat Certain Foods

These foods can give even the most sophisticated of us a hard time. Here’s some tips on how to handle them properly to make sure they make it to your mouth.

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