My CHILDREN eat PORK only cooked according to this recipe!

The Benefits of Bringing Lunch to Work

Brining lunch to work is an easy way to save money, time and eat healthier. These quick and easy lunch suggestions will help you achieve all your 2011 resolutions!

Sous Vide Steak and Your Vacuum Sealer

  Forget what you’ve heard about defrosting your meat before you cook it. With sous vide cooking, the meat you been thinking about all day can go straight from freezer to stovetop, with a little help from your vacuum sealer So you purchased a pack of prime rib from some wholesale shop last month and it’s about time for you to break out that last slice and serve it up for dinner. Except you forgot to defrost it in the fridge last night and it’s almost dinnertime already.

Cooking For The Kids

Cooking for kids and cooking with kids can be a fun filled experience in any kitchen. Does that mean I don’t understand picky eaters? Not! One of my daughter is a mac & cheese nut. She would eat it every meal if I let her. Of course, that isn’t happening, but with some quick and easy recipes and a touch of heart, cooking for kids is a memory making joy.

Cooking With the Kids

Cooking with kids is a great opportunity to turn routine kitchen drudgery into memory making teachable moments with your children. Using quick and easy recipes for dinner, you can have fun and give your children some practical skills that will last a life time. Give it a try!

Easy Recipes For Dinner

So who really wants to work harder in the kitchen than they have to? I guess you could try kitchen aerobics. Seriously, with the schedules most of us keep today, no one really has all day to spend on cooking supper, yet we all want something for supper. The answer is to find some easy recipes for dinner.

Easy Cooking – Save Time and Money!

So you want to save time and money in the kitchen. You are not alone. Lots of families are tightening the belts. Easy cooking becomes the normal mode of cooking. It has to be. A family can;t live on fast food burgers and pizza all the time! So think outside the bun and back in the kitchen with some quick and easy recipes for dinner!

Cooking Ideas That Will Save You Time And Money

They say time is money. It’s just as true in the kitchen as it is anywhere else. No one I know wants to spend hours in the kitchen, especially after putting in eight hours or more at a job. No one I know wants to blow the budget feeding the family. Easy cooking is a great place to start looking at ideas the will save you time and money in the kitchen!

Cooking Eggs: The Best Methods

What are the best methods available for cooking eggs? Eggs are a fantastic food to keep in the house as they can be used in so many different ways and allow meals to be created even when there are little to know ingredients left in the house. The most popular methods that you will come across are: Boiled.

Food Processor Cookbooks – A Great Kitchen Tool

Looking to get the most out of your food processor but don’t know where to start? A companion cookbook is a great way to learn tips and recipes. There are many different food processor cookbooks out there, each offering different strengths and weaknesses. Use customer reviews to find the best book for you.

How to Measure Flour the Right Way

Ask any baker “How do you measure flour?” or “Is there a right way to measure flour?” and they will quickly tell you the answer: “by weighing it”! And there is a good reason for this:

Burn Fat While Eating BBQ

The basic premise to losing belly fat is not so much what we eat but how its cooked. I am going to explain some simple principles on how to continue to enjoy your grilled foods and still eat healthy. Keep in mind that a daily dose of exercise is always important as well as adding a good portion of vegetables to every meal.

Making and Enjoying Tasty Traditional Italian Family Dinners

Trying out different cuisine from various parts of the world is important to give the family something different on the meal table. This ensures that people look forward to meal times as they can expect something tasty. One of the best places that you can adapt the meals from is Italy as they have a wide range of food that one can pick to make something mouth watering. This include bread dipping spices and bread dipping sets that can be made to accompany almost any meal that you feel like making.

Tips For Creating a Meal Plan

The best cook in the house will have an off day. Having a back up plan will help reduce the stress of having to cook while feeling ill. This plan will keep your family on course to stay within your budget.

Zojirushi Rice Cooker: The Japanese Secret to Perfect Rice

Have you ever wondered why the rice served in a Japanese restaurant, or cooked by a Japanese friend is so good? My sons Grandma use to have to make us rice and bring it over – it was the best. Until I finally asked her what her secret was. It’s all in the rice cooker she told me, if you want perfect rice, you need a Zojirushi Rice Cooker.

Cookie Monster Says “I Love Cookies!”

Cookies are fun to eat in every way. They are a stomach fillers and healthier than other chip-stuff. That is why Sesame Street has the famous “Cookie Monster,” in the thought of cookies.

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