Mesmerising Desserts For A Dinner Party

Popping Popcorn – Choosing a Method and Machine

Learn everything there is to know about popcorn makers and find one that suits you best. Popcorn is great for movie nights, but it’s also great just for snacking. A lot of dieters like to munch on plain popcorn as a healthy snack.

Discover Barbecue – How to Smoke Pork Ribs in a Weber Kettle

Everyone loves Barbecue Ribs! Did you know you can make great tasting, fall off the bone ribs with a piece of equipment you probably already own. Yes, the trusty Weber kettle, sitting in your garage, can be used to make great tasting barbeque ribs, and it is easy.

Wheat Free Recipes

Are you or someone you know allergic to wheat? Do you have friends that you would like to invite to dinner once in a while but don’t know how to cook for people with a special diet, like wheat allergies, or someone who can’t deal with gluten?

Tips For Finding a Wheat Free Cookbook

It used to be that you were pretty much stuck with just a few choices when it came to finding a wheat free cookbook. Usually these recipes where bland and tasteless, and you were stuck cooking with just a few ingredients. Well this is no longer an issue.

Wheat Free Baking

What is wheat free baking? Wheat free baking is cooking and baking without the regular wheat type flours that many people are used to. Some people may even need gluten free baking, which is a little more difficult, because in this case, they can’t use any products or ingredients that contain any kind of gluten whatsoever.

Is There a Best Smoothie Blender?

There are hundreds of blenders on the market and to some degree they all “blend”. Blenders are used a lot in food preparation, even grinding grains. so what makes one better than another and what could make one the best smoothie blender?

The Best in Mini Appliance Cooking

Turn on the food channels and you might be overwhelmed by some of the recipes and techniques used by the chefs that are featured there. However, many of them as well as the chefs in upscale restaurants turn to the microwave oven more than a time or two.

No Time to Cook Meals the Conventional Way? Use a Microwave!

When it comes to cooking healthy meals for yourself and your family, don’t think that you can’t because you don’t have the time. When you use a microwave oven, you will not only be able to create delicious, healthy meals in under a half an hour, you will have more time to linger over the delicious dessert!

How to Dehydrate Herbs

Making your own dried herbs would be a very good option for those who love to cook, because the dried herbs are quite expensive when sold in the supermarket. Other than saving you the cost of buying herbs, drying herbs also helps you in preserving your hard earned harvest.

First Mate Tips For the Galley

Whether you are a weekend cruiser or are sailing over the horizon for an unspecified length of time, here are some tips for the first mate to put to use in the galley, along with a couple of useful recipes for onboard cooking. Master the pressure cooker. Get at least a 6-quart model, and get a good pressure cooker cookbook.

Discovering Smoked Barbecue – The Ceramic Kamado Cooker – What is It?

If you are a barbecue aficionado, perhaps you have heard of the Kamado Cooker. Perhaps not. The Kamado type cooker is a heavy ceramic vessel used both as a smoker and and as a grill. The “Big Green Egg” is the name brand of one type of Kamado Cooker.

Making the Transition From Omnivorous to Vegetarianism

You have searched your conscience and your soul and you are decided. You have made the choice to become a vegetarian. But how do you actually transition from an omnivorous to a vegetarian or vegan?

Learn About Barbecue – What is a Vertical Barbecue Smoker

Have you heard the term vertical barbecue smoker and scratched your head and said, “Huh.” Basically, there are three types of barbecue smokers for making real smoked barbecue. The first is what is called the offset smoker. With the offset smoker, the firebox of the smoker is off to the side of the smoke chamber.

Almond Nutritional Info & Almond Milk Recipe

Raw almonds are high in protein, containing about 12% of our needs. They contain no cholesterol and are rich in vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus.

Big Green Egg Review

Big Green Egg has been my cooking tool for the last 3 years, and nothing can come even close to it. Many people refer to BGE as a smoker, BBQ, but to me it’s like an outdoor kitchen, oven, or a cooker, which gives this great smokey flavor to your food. Also, it leaves all the food moist due to cooking in a ceramic oven…

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