Meat “upside down”. I’m the queen in the kitchen with this recipe

Putting Fun Back Into Meal Time

Everyday meals don’t have to be bland or boring. Often, just a minor change can make a major difference in how you and your kids perceive mealtime. Here are some fun mealtime tricks you can do every day.

Five New Ideas For a Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

Having a traditional Thanksgiving doesn’t have to mean doing things exactly the same way every year. Here are five new Thanksgiving ideas I’ve tried and liked.

Preparing A Turkey Dinner

For some reason, it seems like there is always a holiday right around the corner and with these holidays, come families and family gatherings. So it’s inevitable that it’s going to be your turn to cook that family feast. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or it’s your first time hosting the gathering, preparing a turkey dinner for family and friends can be stressful on anyone.

Cooking For Men – Home Cooked Meals

Do you find it hard to think about meals that you man will enjoy? Find out what they need and love to eat! Here are some guides to discover the right recipes to prepare food that he will love you for.

The Main Reason Gumbo is Called Gumbo

When you talk about Cajun cuisine, I’m sure you have probably heard the word Gumbo. But have you ever wondered what gumbo is?

Cooking Just For Fun

Cooking doesn’t have to be hard work. In fact, if you take the right approach, you can turn it into a fun hobby to look forward to every day. Here are five ways to make cooking more fun both for you and your family.

Waterless Cooking Demystified – Part 3 – Seven Advantages of Waterless Cooking

With the growing popularity of nutritious and flavorful meals cooked in the home, more and more people are turning to waterless cooking as an alternative to traditional, water-based cooking methods. Practitioners of waterless cooking are experiencing tastier, more attractive and healthier meals with less cooking time than is possible with water-based cooking techniques. This series of articles explains what waterless cooking is, explains the advantages of waterless cooking, and describes the specialized surgical stainless steel cookware required for waterless cooking. Part 3 of the series explains the 7 advantages of waterless cooking over conventional cooking method.

Enjoy Great Tastes With Organic Flour and Cooking Mixes

Organic flour and cooking products can be switched over for getting good health. These food products provide nutrition to the body without any harmful effects being caused to it. These products can be searched for online.

Quick Easy Meals For Families on the Go

It has become very simple to make quick easy meals which are nutritious and delicious. Many supermarkets have the precut vegetables, meats, and fruit making meal planning a breeze.

The In-laws Will Visit in Half an Hour! Can I Have a Cake Ready to Serve That Will Impress Them?

Is this a moment of pure fear to you? The in-laws just rang to say they’ll be “popping around in just a moment, dear!”… And your house is a mess and there’s absolutely nothing in the kitchen to serve them for afternoon tea!!

How Do I Line a Tin, Take a Cake Out of a Tin, Or Know When a Cake is Cooked to Perfection?

Does it feel like there’s just too much to learn, when it comes to mastering cake baking? Does it frustrate you when they skip over the important bits on cooking shows, like showing you how to prepare a cake tin, or test a partly-cooked cake? Well, it annoys me too! You know why? Because it is actually SO SIMPLE!

How Can I Make Every Cake Look Impressive Without Knowing Professional Cake Decorating?

Ever sighed in awe at those professionally-decorated cakes at the county fair or fete? Ever stared in wonder at the beauty of a perfectly decorated cake, your mouth watering at the deliciousness that must be waiting inside that gorgeous exterior?

Fast Meals – Five Ways to Save Time in the Kitchen

Think you can’t make a meal in under an hour? Think again. With a few simple changes, you can cut your cooking time to half an hour or less without sacrificing flavor or nutrition. This article shows you how.

Healthy Menu Planning For Money Saving Nutritious Meals

We are always searching for easy to save some extra money every month especially those who have a limited budget or a lifestyle which allows them little time to eat nutritious meals every day. Below are some ways to work out healthy menu planning to add nutrition and other benefits to your and the family’s diet. The first way to start healthy menu planning is to set a budget you can live with.

Cooking Turkey – How Much Time Does it Take to Cook a Turkey?

The traditional way to cook a turkey is to roast it. Even roasting can be done a number of different ways. To start with, always wash a turkey thoroughly. Check it over for any remaining pin feathers, and cut off large chunks of fat. Tying the drumsticks together with a piece of string and securing the wings with toothpicks will help ensure even browning.

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