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Tasty Versatility With Halibut

Stepping into the kitchen for the first time can be a nerve racking experience and even if you are comfortable in the kitchen, working with a new ingredient can be a struggle. Learning how to cook halibut is a fairly straight forward process. Halibut can be cooked a variety of ways and is ready quickly, making the whole process quick and pain free. Along with the simplicity in cooking halibut, the taste is wonderful and is so mild that it can please almost any crowd. Whether baked, fried, or grilled, halibut is an easy to make addition to any meal.

Tasty, Succulent Prawns For Any Occasion

In terms of tasty and healthy seafood, you can really never go wrong with prawns. Prawns, which are basically a larger variety of shrimp, can be cooked in an infinite variety of ways (prawns are a species of shellfish, with bodies shaped like those of Maine lobsters; they are usually around 6 to 8 inches in length and are in the same family as the shrimp). They offer any chef, at home or at a world-class restaurant an incredibly great tasting and versatile ingredient to work with. Here, we give you tips and advice on how to cook prawns to draw out their delicious flavor.

Chef Knives – 7 Top Tips For Keeping Chef Knives in Perfect Condition

Looking to keep your beautiful new chef knife in perfect order for years to come? Follow these 7 simple tips to keep your knife a cut above the rest.

Bringing a Bit of Sunshine Into Recession Cooking

Recession or depression, whatever word you decide to use – it can be daunting to realize that you depended on a whole lot of “quick” foods that may have added dollars to your food budget, but things were better and jobs were not disappearing like snow on a sunlit day. It has happened, and it may continue to happen, but you still have to eat and serve meals to your family or keep yourself nourished if you live alone. It is a matter of economy because medical costs are going through the roof and today it is much cheaper to stay healthy.

Advice For Heart Healthy Cooking

For those with some form of heart condition, eating healthily is important, hence recipes for heart healthy cooking will be good for them. Always use ingredients that are good for your heart and the recipes will be fine whether you are an adult or a kid. Irrespective of what ingredients you choose, you must stick to them…

Jens’ Cost Conscious Cooking Tips

With the high price of food these days, we have to be more cost conscious. I would like to share my tip on getting the most out of your lemon.

Pan Frying Meat – Fish – Seafood

Pan frying meat, fish and seafood is not always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes it comes out overcooked, undercooked, ‘boiled’ and just plain inedible. So here are some tips that I hope will help you in your quest of the perfect piece of meat!

Types of Beef, Pork and Lamb Ribs

Soon the weather will get nice again and we will be pulling out our grills! Here’s a nice list of the types of ribs that one can get and the best ways to prepare them.

Kids Cooking School

Kids cooking schools are a great idea if you are looking for something different for birthday parties or mini-camps. These schools can offer weekly cooking sessions that will start to give kids the skills they will need to develop later in life. If you grew up watching mom, you may have picked up a few tips along the way, like boiling water, frying an egg or making a toast. If you never really paid attention and struggled to make spaghetti and meatballs when you went to college, you are not alone.

Year-Round, Shrimp is a Flavorful Addition to the Menu

Shrimp nutrition facts don’t lie: shrimp is downright delicious and good for you. “But wait,” you say, “what about all that cholesterol hiding out underneath its shell?” You are right about that, shrimp does have higher levels of cholesterol than other meats. However, more than cholesterol levels in foods, saturated fats are now being discovered as the real cause of spikes in cholesterol. Shrimp are also pretty low in calories: a 4oz serving (or 10 little guys) contains only 80 calories and 28 % of the daily value for vitamin B12. Shrimp is also high in protein, iron, and selenium.

Shrimp is Tasty and Heart-Healthy!

Small in size, shrimp are big in taste and nutrition. You might be wondering how a diet rich in shrimp could be good for your health; doesn’t it have lots of cholesterol? Fact is, that shrimp does have a higher dose of cholesterol than other meat, but it does not have the kinds of fat and saturated fats that clog your arteries. This is a crucial difference. Studies have shown that compared to a diet containing eggs, a shrimp diet did raise levels of bad cholesterol by 7%, but it raised levels of good cholesterol by 12%.

Tips on How to Enjoy Great Fresh Cod

There are a lot of different kinds of fish that comprise the standard American seafood market, but some are definitely more popular, tasty, and healthy than others. Among the fish species that have these precise qualities in higher proportions, cod would have to be the winner. So versatile, so tasty, with such a pleasant texture, there are just too many things to do with cod to pass it up. Cooking cod is also relatively easy, which makes it all that much more attractive as an item at the supermarket.

Enjoy the Fine Treat of Alaskan King Crab

Alaskan fisheries are just about the most productive in the world, and we Americans-as well as many many people abroad, in many countries-simply can suppress our appetite for tasty Alaskan seafood delicacies. Knowing that the regulation of the Alaskan fishing industry is very efficient and scientific, people have the peace of mind to know that they are acquiring healthy food from a sustainable source. Among the most delicious of the treats to be had from the frigid, rich waters off Alaska’s coast would have to be king crab: the largest crab species out there, with one of the firmest meats and most robust tastes.

King Crab is Conquering World Markets, and With Good Reason

In the United States, there are a few regions that are particularly associated with great seafood, but the most important and productive of all of them is definitely Alaska. The size (and sustainability, thankfully) of the Alaskan fisheries simply dwarfs what is to be found in most other areas. Furthermore, the uniqueness of the seafood varieties to come out of Alaska’s waters is second to none; one of the most unique, and most coveted and tasty, if not the most unique, would have to be Alaskan king crab.

Are You That Person Who Everyone Wants to Visit Just to Taste Your Food?

Cooking is a highly therapeutic and intoxicating way to enjoy yourself while offering others your culinary experience in the form of taste and visual beauty and satisfaction. You can cook many different foods that will fill the home with aromas that make mouths water as well as preparing them in such a way that they look as delectable as they smell and ultimately taste. The art of cooking is not a quick process. If done correctly, it is a ride through visual and sensory bliss!

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