Mango-Lassi Cheesecake

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy People

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Or is it? This is the type of advice that everyone takes for granted, but in reality, most people make breakfast the WORST meal of the day because they eat food that causes them to gain fat and lose muscle. Here’s some healthy breakfast ideas to start your day off on a good foot.

Now in Season – Beets

This colorful summer beet soup is a healthy way to feed a hearty hunger “Ok, I know you’re thinking, ‘Beets?’ Trust me, this soup converts beet skeptics! It’s a really easy soup to make when beets are in season. This recipe is amazingly healthy, colorful and damn good!”

How to Cook Faster on a Busy Schedule

In today’s world it seems like everyone is constantly on the go, especially parents managing schedules not only for themselves but also for their children’s extra curricular activities. It can difficult or even seemingly impossible to figure out how to fix healthy meals let alone to do so without taking up a huge amount of time. Try these great tips to cook faster so you can get back to the things you need to do.

Slow Cooker Design – Find Out How The Device Works To Cook Better Tasting Food

If you are planning to improve your slow cooking skills, it is obvious that you will have to understand the basics of how this device works. There are many persons who never put in the effort required to understand how a slow cooker works. The end result is that they end up making over cooked and greasy dishes and blame the device for their faults.

Slow Cooker And The ‘Keep Warm Option’ – A Fantastic Combination

The function of the slow cooker is to speed up the cooking process to such an extent that the duration is increased and you get well cooked and hot food even though you dumped in all the ingredients a few hours ago. However, what if you need the food to remain warm for an even longer duration? What if you want the food to be cooked over twelve hours when the maximum that the cooker can do is eight hours?

Slow Cooker Helps You Eat More Nutritious Food – Get One Today

How can you use the slow cooker to eat healthy? Well, since you are in a position to control the duration of the cooking process, you can plan your food in such a manner that you eat healthy nutritious food whenever you feel hungry.

Some Common Problems That You May Face When Using A Slow Cooker

You prepare all the necessary dishes in the morning and plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner by placing the same in the oven, slow cooker and other devices. However, you come back home after a tough days work and discover that the food is stale, half cooked and giving a disgusting and revolting smell. What went wrong?

A Fast and Easy Way to Put Some Pop Into Your Meals

Many families are bored with dinner, yet are at a loss on how to spice things up. This article will help the reader move out and try some new recipes that are fast, healthy and delicious.

Healthy Dessert Recipes to Lose Weight

Dessert is one time when the health-conscious need to be especially wary. When the main course is finished, sweets take over the dinner table, and it’s sugar more than anything else that can derail our plans to be lean and fit. But you will be safe with these healthy dessert recipes.

A Young Pretender

What do you imagine when you picture Mrs. Beeton, author of the 1850s classic, The Book of Household Management?  Most of us guess she was portly, middle aged and upper middle class. The truth, as told in a biography by Kathryn Hughes, is that Isabella Beeton was a 21-year old suburban journalist who knew nothing about cooking. 

How to Make Perfect Hamburgers From Ground Beef

Hamburgers are an American classic. And homemade hamburgers can be so much tastier and less expensive than their restaurant counterparts. Here is everything you need to know about how to make perfect hamburgers from ground beef.

Disadvantages of Roasting a Turkey in a Kitchen Oven

There are many ways to roast a turkey. Most common way used today is using your good old kitchen oven, preheated to around 330º (F) or 165º (C). Once heated, you put your turkey inside the oven and wait for a good 3-5 hours depending on your turkey size and the stuffing you chose (if any).

Rice Cooker – Get the Right One!

A rice cooker is your best friend when you want to cook rice trouble free. It is also a great time saver! Before you shop for one you need the basic idea about what the general attributes of the typical products are. This article sheds some light on that.

How Cooking With Your Partner Can Be Real Fun

One of the most enjoyable experiences you can share with your spouse is to cook together. Those of you who think of cooking as a tedious process will forgo the notion once you realize the romance and fun involved in team work inside the kitchen.

Looking For a Great Deal on Waring Bar Blenders?

If you’re looking for a great deal on Waring bar blenders you’re not alone. These heavy duty, durable blenders can take everything you toss in them, whether you’re making smoothies or salsa. Where can you find the best deal on this workhorse? Read on to see why they are so popular and how to find a good deal.

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