Korean Corn Dogs

Cooking Recipe – Campers Fresh and Tasty Venison Goulash Recipe

When planning a camping holiday, do you feel limited with the variety of meats available to cook? Would you like a dish that is highly nutritious, delicious and full of flavor for your next camping trip?

As The Last Cookouts Of The Year Approach Remember Safety

Have you ever had your eyelashes almost burnt off from an exploding grill? Well I have and let me tell you it was SCARY!!! After this ball of flame mishap I now follow a few safety tips which I highly recommend to you.

How To Cook Shrimp

There are many ways to use when you are learning how to cook shrimp. You can learn how to do any way that you want but boiling them is one of the most common ways to do it. You have to be careful when cooking shrimp because you can very easily over cook it. So learn how to do it right before you try.

Fish, Is It Really Better When Cooked In Your Microwave?

Moist, tasty and cooked to perfection. You can cook fish this way using your microwave oven. The unique texture of fish makes it one the quickest and probably best foods to cook using your microwave oven.

BBQ Cooking Perfection – 7 Top Tips

There are some people that take this VERY seriously, and use all sorts of recipes and techniques, but I am going to give you the BASICS and you can build from there. Whether its barbeque cooking fish, steaks, sausages or chicken – there are some basic principals to follow to ensure your barbeque turns out a treat!

Cooking With Kids – Fun And Educational

Cooking is a pure joy, it allows us to create something new with our own recipes or bring back fond childhood memories with a meal from mom’s or grandma’s house. Do you remember as a child making cookies with mom or grandma? Be able to put on the little apron and dump in the flour, or stir in the chocolate chips, or set the cherries in the middle. Cooking is fun and it is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child.

Do You Know if Your Herbs and Spices Are Still Fresh?

I’m sure many of you have spices on your shelf that you rarely use. Then a recipe comes along and you question if the spices are still good. I’ve provided some information on the shelf life of spices and herbs below.

Copycat Recipes Cookbook Review

Haven’t you ever went to a restaurant and tasted a dish so delicious that you had to keep going back so you could eat that same dish again? Maybe a small appetizer, a main course, the special, or even your favorite drink from somewhere like Starbucks. Have you ever wished that you had the recipes for these special dishes, sides, drinks and appetizers? Maybe you have attempted to do so, but you most likely failed to get that exact taste without having the exact recipes that your favorite restaurant uses. I was surprised to learn that the Copycat Recipes Cookbook contains all of the special recipes from your favorite restaurants, I thought all the restaurants would surely keep these top secret.

Cheap Barbecue Party Food Ideas – Get Invited to Every Party

It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money to make your barbecue memorable. Remember — most people expect burgers and potato salad. So any different food is good.

Asian Equivalent to Western’s Gooey Desserts – Malay Kuih

Little known Asian desserts which are equally decadent as Western cakes and puddings. Made from totally different combination of ingredients, these desserts called Malay kuihs are great as afternoon high teas or in between meals. Friends and family will be impressed.

Silicone Kitchen Tools – The Way to Go

Silicone kitchen tools are invading homes. They do perform better in many cases, but like all things new, have a go and most will be delighted.

Silicone Basting Brushes – The Answer to Many Prayers

Silicone basting brushes stack up well against traditional basting brushes. They do not melt or deform in any way during normal household cooking temperatures.

Silicone Strainer Board – What Is It?

Silicone strainer boards are a recent addition to the growing fleet of silicone kitchen products. The design is both practical and fashionable and will help almost all cooks in the food preparation process.

Silicone Spatula Verses Rubber Spatula

Silicone spatulas outperform other spatulas in most areas. They are a great help in the kitchen and best of all are easy to clean.

Silicone Tools for the Kitchen

The silicone home invasion is at hand. New products are added to kitchen shop shelves each month. They are changing the way many people cook.

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