Just add CABBAGE! This roulade with MINCED MEAT is BRILLIANT

Fireplace Popcorn Popper

If it’s raining or snowing outside, or even if you simply want to relax by the fireplace, then the ideal thing to fall back on would be the fireplace popcorn popper. All you would need to do is gather your kith and kin, and within minutes you would be able to munch on a bowl full of warm, crispy, and crunchy popcorn.

Instructions For Canning Green Beans

Learning to can your own green beans at home is a simple process. It just needs to be taken one step at a time. I have listed the entire canning process one step at a time. Once you open your first jar of home canned green beans, you will never want to taste another bean from a store.

Cooking Basics to Help You Relax and Enjoy

Cooking is and should be enjoyable. With today’s economy people are eating at home more and learning ways to create their favorite meals and save money.

How Do I Feed My Family on a Budget?

How to feed the family on a budget. Top tips on how to beat the credit crunch with tasty meals the whole family will enjoy. Your essential guide to feeding the family on little money.

Deep Turkey Fryer Information

Learn about what you need to safely deep fry a turkey at home. This article includes cooking instructions, safety precautions and deep turkey frying kit information.

Great BBQ Rib Ideas

When cooked right, bbq ribs are delicious, moist, flavorful and tender, falling off the bone with the lightest touch. Instead of making the same old bbq ribs, why not try some of these rib ideas? You may be surprised by how changing just a few ingredients can make your ribs take on a whole new flavor.

How to Get the Perfect Grilled Pizza

How can you cook a pizza on a grill, BBQ and achieve better results in a conventional oven? The theory was simple; people have been doing that since food was first heated. The practicality was questionable, not having cooked a pizza in anything but a conventional kitchen oven, with the results being less than OK. So there had to be a way of cooking, which would allow me to achieve my goals and put pizza on my menu at parties. For someone who has never made a pizza from scratch this was going to be an adventure. So if, like me, you are a novice let’s begin the adventure together.

Jambalaya Pots – A Resume of Important Tips

The Jambalaya tradition is alive and well and spreading far and wide, well beyond its Cajun origins in Louisiana. If your thinking about getting into Jambalaya cooking there are a few things its good to know.

Kitchenaid Mixer Attachments – Convert Your Mixer Into a Pasta Machine

No need to head out to the store anymore when you long for authentic Italian pasta. It is just so simple to grab that package at a supermarket, get home and throw into a pot of boiling water. Why spoil a good thing that is so easy to do?

Cooking Food

People all over the world eat cooked food, but people in different countries cook their food differently. Most people in this country like to eat meat, fish and vegetables cooked, but there are some people who like to eat raw fish. With the expectation of some vegetables and fruits, most of the food eaten is cooked to a greater or lesser degree.

The Secret to Rolling Out a Perfect Pie Crust is Ice Water

Do you avoid making home made pies because rolling out the crust is so difficult. Well, I am here to let you in on a little secret that can having you rolling out the dough like a pro today.

The Amazing Story Behind Pumpkin Pie

Did you know that at the first original Thanksgiving feasts in the colonies of the new world, none of what we call traditional thanksgiving foods were served? So how is this known? It’s known because these foods simply weren’t available to them with one exception. That would be squash, including pumpkins.

Look to the South For the Best Crock Pot Recipes

Most people are completely unaware of it, but in the Deep South pot cooking is a specialty. Soups just don’t fit into a southerners diet. Rather they prefer stews that can be eaten alone with a nice big hunk of warm bread or ladled over a plate full of rice.

In Search of the Perfect Banana Bread Recipe?

The fact of the matter is that any recipe that you read and that includes a recipe for bandanna bread, if you have one, is simply someone’s interpretation of how something should be prepared. This means than no, you won’t be arrested if you take it upon yourself to do a little experimenting.

Look to Southern Louisiana For the Best Recipes For Chicken

It’s no secret that great recipes for chicken run rife in the South but what many people don’t know, is that it’s Southern Louisiana down around New Orleans where you most apt to find your favorite chicken recipe. You see eating chicken is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years in the deep south.

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