It will be the most delicious thing you have ever eaten!

Keeping Kitchen Knives Sharp

With a little practice, anyone can master the art of using the steel to keep your knives sharp. The sharpening steel is a metal rod that consists of a slightly softer hardness factor than the knife blade. Sharpness is maintained by stroking the blade, at a 10 degree angle, over the rod on a regular basis.

The Difference Between Barbecuing And Smoking

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting barbecued ribs cooked in competition, then you know what real barbecue cooking tastes like. Find out how this difference is achieved.

Make A Healthy Vegetable Pizza

Make a healthy vegetable pizza, and avoid piling on mounds of hight fat protein. Pizza gets a bad rap about being an unhealthy food, but it does not need to be that way. Fresh vegetables, a simple tomato sauce, and a basic pizza crust without lots of oil is a healthy alternative, and can turn a bad food into a great tasting part of your healthy diet.

Outdoor Cooking – A Summer’s Pastime

Outdoor cooking is now very much in demand these days and is a long established summer pastime in the United States and Australia beginning with camp fires to outdoor fireplaces, and finally to portable outdoor grills. I know it might be a shock to some people but we occasional cook outside here in England – with an umbrella at the ready!

How To Make Yogurt With Your Yogurt Maker

I am sure you are eager to get started on your first batch of healthy, delicious yogurt. Before you begin, carefully read the instructions that come with your yogurt maker. Be selective when choosing your ingredients.

The Joy Of Fondue

Are you ready for summer entertaining? The fondue set is a wonderful addition to any party! Fondue is a fun and tasty way to get your guests mingling. Fondue sets can be used for chocolate and cheese. Try dipping different meats like steak, chicken and seafood.

Save Time And Cook Once A Week

This article is about cooking in advance to save time. If you prepare and store meals over the weekend, you will have to spend less time cooking during the week.

We All Need Help With Healthy Cooking

Do not be ashamed to ask for help when it comes to healthy cooking. All the benefits you will get from this new way of cooking should be rewarding enough.

How To Barbecue An Egg

Especially when cooking breakfast it’s always nice to have an egg, but how do you cook an egg on the portable grill? After many experiments, here’s my favorite way.

Cooking Fish The Easy Way

Americans tend to eat twice as many fish dinners at restaurants as they do at home largely because they are unsure how to properly prepare fish. Here are some easy and common sense tips about cooking fish at home.

Instructions For Salton Yogurt Maker

Making yogurt with the Salton Yogurt Maker is fun, easy and worry-free. A few things you’ll need are milk, powdered milk for thickening, a thermometer and a yogurt starter. Be sure your yogurt maker is clean before starting.

Juicing – 7 Tips For Preparing Healthy Drinks

Juicing is a healthy and tasty way of getting the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that we all need. But you’ll need to prepare your vegetables and fruit correctly in order to get the maximum nutritional value from them. Here are 7 tips to help you.

Crisp Citrus Herbs In Your Cooking

There are a many ways to give a crisp citrus herb flavor to any cooking you are doing. The first thing to do, is to find herbs have a citrus component to them. This is commonly misunderstood, it doesn’t mean that they have orange, lemon or lime flavor in them, but that they can emulate the taste of these sharp flavored fruits or provide a similar flavor.

The Art and Skill of How to Broil Fish

Home chefs are always looking for a new and improved ways of broiling. It matters not if they are broiling up a slab of top prime beef or a Chilean sea bass (tasty by the way) the end result is always the same – timing sucks. Broiling is all about timing it out right. Cooking at home is vastly different than if you were cooking in a high end restaurant or diner and cooking it outside on the fly is even more difficult but if you have ever had tailgate broiled fish you will know what I’m talking about – unbridled bliss, heaven if I dare say it.

The Ways Of Cooking

Cooking is a tough occupation to begin with. In restaurants, there are a number of cooks who do what they are hired for in order to make dishes for their customers. I learned about some gourmet kitchen positions from a movie I liked a lot.

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