Irresistible Red Velvet Recipes

Grain Hand Mill – 3 Reasons to Own One

Owning a grain hand mill may seem like an odd thing to consider for most families but a mill is an excellent idea. Usually a hand mill is small and easy to use. Three Reasons: Fresh is best, Grind to your heart’s content, Emergency preparedness.

Get Creative With Baking Cups

When baking cupcakes or muffins there will come a point when you will need to use baking cups to spoon your mixture into. Although these cups may appear to be very straightforward items, there are available in a wide range of colors, designs and sizes. They can turn a very plain set of cupcakes into an elegant display simply by using a more decorative set of baking cups.

Maintenance Of a Slow Cooker – Here Are Some Obvious Mistakes To Avoid

How should you clean your slow cooker and maintain it in the best condition possible? There are some precautions you should take and some mistakes that you should avoid. For starters, simply skip the idea of dipping your slow cooker in a pail full of water.

Why Not Use Your Slow Cooker To Make A Good Breakfast And Have A Great Day?

It is indeed surprising that people speak of the fantastic advantages of cooking dinner with the help of a slow cooker. People think that dinner is a most important meal of the day. The truth is that breakfast is a most important meal of the day.

Challenge – Can You Cook a Tender Roast, Spending Only Minutes in the Kitchen?

Cooking a healthy and tasty meal is an essential, but often demanding task. You have to spend hours in the kitchen, and some times, despite our hardest efforts, the result doesn’t live up to the endeavors we’ve put into it.

Guides For Cooking Salmon

Salmon is very delicious and nutritious. There are various kinds of methods for cooking salmon. The following are some guides for you to cook salmon.

3 Fresh Ideas For Cooking With Pacific Pollock

You might initially think your choices are limited when planning a meal with pacific pollock, but there are many different directions to take with this incredibly abundant fish. It doesn’t always have to come back to the ubiquitous fish sticks or fish sandwiches so popular at lunch and dinnertime.

Salmon Eggs For the Not So Rich and Famous

When one typically considers the delicacy of eating caviar, they imagine sipping out of champagne flutes and acting quite ‘prim’ and ‘proper’. Caviar has always been considered the food of the rich and famous, a type of elite society that can only enjoy such delicacies as caviar, which in essence is nothing more than fish eggs.

Solutions to Landlocked Blues – Recipes For Canned Seafood

Living far away from the ocean has its advantages and disadvantages. For those who enjoy heading to the local fish market and picking up a generous portion of the catch of the day, making the switch to a landlocked area can sometimes be a bit of a shocker.

Cooking Recipes in the French Style

The French are known for their rich architecture, history, sports, fashion and cuisine. French cuisine has had an extensive evolution over centuries. The ingredients in the past varied greatly according to the seasons and many items were preserved with salt, spices, honey, and other preservatives.

Filipino Cooking – Lechon Or Roast Suckling Pig

If you have travelled to the Philippines and attended any of the local festivities, you may have encountered the very interesting and popular Philippine lechon. It’s that whole piece of roasted pig that takes center stage in every major celebration or occasion in Philippine culture. “Lechon” is a Spanish term meaning suckling pig.

Why to Buy a High Speed Blender? The More Powerful the Motor, the More a Blender Can Do for You

High speed blenders are able to perform certain tasks that “regular” blenders are not able to do, e.g., make nut butters, grind coffee beans, and create “really” smooth drinks. Many nutrition specialists say that because the high speed blenders break down the food into tiny pieces they can be much easier absorbed by our bodies, giving us the most food value per unit of food. Find out more by reading the whole article…

Rice Cookers and Steamers

Looking for an easy way to prepare healthy and delicious food? Learn more about rice cookers and how they can make your cooking experience more fun.

When is a Recipe Not a Quinoa Recipe?

I have been cooking and eating Quinoa for the best part of four years now. I have written a book on the subject and numerous reports and articles on the subject. Despite this I am still finding new ways to include this super grain in my diet.

The Health Danger Caused by Spicy Boiled Fish

Five aspects including salt, oil, chili, garnish and taste are explained to analyze the health danger caused by spicy boiled fish. In order to decrease the health danger, people should not eat fish fillets in hot chili oil frequently.

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