If you have MEAT and MUSHROOMS, you should try this RECIPE TODAY

Learn How to Make Easy Homemade Pizza

Many people are reluctant to make pizza at home. They are afraid that their pizza will not taste good, or think the task of making dough is too daunting, or don’t have enough time. Many times the issue is not whether the pizza tastes good or not, it is simply the convenience provided by home delivery.

Bring Those Portable Gas Barbecues Along

Barbecue, roasting, grilling – what a great way to cook food! Did you know that roasting has better benefits compared to other ways of cooking?

Frugal Lifestyle – Creating Tempting Leftovers For Free Meals

The greatest saving strategy you can have is to use every scrap of food that comes into your home. The trick is to disguise leftovers as a completely new meal. Here are some ideas for putting leftovers to good use.

Learn All About Spicy and Hot Peppers

If you want your food a little spicy, then be sure to use spicy peppers! After reading this guide about hot and spicy peppers, you will want to add spice to everything you cook.

The Perfect Steak in 8 Easy Steps

The only way to enjoy your New York strip steak is by preparing and grilling it the right way. You have to follow the grilling tips which are essential in attaining the perfect grilled steak based on the standards that locks in the tenderness and flavor.

Making Pizza Dough at Home

Making pizza dough at home only requires a few simple ingredients, a great pizza dough recipe, and little knowledge, and a few tools and techniques. There is nothing better than making pizza dough that is homemade and you will certainly taste the difference when compared to store bought products or to your local pizza shop.

The World Loves Spanish Food

In the past there was little Spanish produce in the supermarkets of the world. The last 3 years have seen a massive growth in interest in Spanish food and culture. Why?

FAQ – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Chorizo

First of all, how do you correctly pronounce the word ‘Chorizo’? I hear so many different pronunciations and spellings of this word – probably more than any other. The standard Castilian way would be ‘choritho’ with a ‘ch’ from ‘church’ and a ‘th’ from think. For South American Spanish and some regional accents, substitute the ‘th’ for an ‘s’.

FAQ – What is the Essence of Spanish Food?

In this FAQ, I talk about what constitutes the real essence of Spanish food. For me, Spanish cuisine is a style more than a collection of dishes, although of course the most common Spanish dishes are now world famous and often put forward as a representation of Spanish gastronomy. More than anything, it often makes very little sense to talk about ‘Spanish’ cuisine as there is such as huge variation in styles and ingredients from province to province.

Power Cooking Part 2 – Shopping and Cooking Tips

I’ve discussed previously the term Power Cooking and how cooking meals “ten at a time” saves both time and money, now I’m going to share some tips on both shopping and cooking those meals. If you shop the same day you plan to cook, it will save putting many groceries away. You can choose any day of the week that works best for you.

A Few Cooking Tips For Newbies

As straightforward as it would sound, you might turn your whole cooking style around with two cooking tips. Cooking ideas can aid in making preparing dishes way easier and side step the various obstacles…

Five Tips For Baking Bread That Has a Great Crust

If you want to bake bread which has a really good crust you need to start with the right recipe and then bake the dough in a very hot steamy oven. The steam creates a thicker crust and the high temperature drives the moisture out of the loaf. It also helps to slash the top of the loaf to allow the gas from within the loaf to escape. I use a lean dough mix which contains very little fat – the sort of mix that would usually be used to make something like a baguette.

Making the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

If you are looking for a multi-purpose food, look no further than eggs. Eggs are very good for you because they are loaded with protein and each egg only has 70 calories! You can eat them for any meal of the day. Mix them into dishes, enjoy them by themselves, or use them as part of a baking recipe. If you enjoy eggs, whether it is in egg salad sandwiches, layered salads or even deviled eggs, then here is how you can finally cook that perfect hard-boiled egg.

Make-Ahead Food Ideas For Memorial Day and 4th of July BBQ Picnics

No need to settle for hot dogs and hamburgers at your next BBQ. Try marinating chicken or beef ahead of time and freeze it ahead. You and your guests will enjoy a better than average BBQ!

Creating the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

If you were to ask ten different cooks what they considered to be the best way to create the perfect hard boiled egg you would likely receive ten different responses. There simply seems to be as many recommended methods of cooking those eggs as there are cooks.

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