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The Roots of Borscht

In my foolish youth, I used to amuse myself (but not others) with ‘punishing’ puns every chance I got. I’ve grown up a bit though and now try to avoid them all together whenever possible, but sometimes I can’t resist. So, unfortunately “The Roots of Borscht” does not refer to the history of the dish, but rather to what root vegetables you may use in keeping harmony with the mighty beet that defines the dish. This article assumes that you know what a borscht is and can make one, or alternatively can at least open a jar of one and embellish it with fresh snippets.

Golden Borscht

Golden beets it would seem can be found, along with ‘rainbow beets’ naturally growing in East Europe, but it is in the West that they have been turned into a stock hybrid. Golden beets are just as hardy as their ‘big red’ cousins, but are more delicate in flavor and leak a pleasant, translucent golden color when boiled or simmered. They are, needless to say, a rich amber color when peeled, hence the name.

Celebration Borscht

This is the fancy borscht, the one that takes a lot of time, love, and blood, sweat, and tears to prepare. It is worthy of glorifying a Czar or a Revolution, however the times may be changing. I am sorry to say that this is not an actual recipe, but a few words about the dish, although I have full confidence that a savvy cook will pick up right away on the ideas I present here and know what to do.

Borscht Symbology

East Europe and Russia have a bloody history. Having said that, the fact that everywhere else in the world has had a bloody history as well does not distract us from this topsy-turvy but most certainly exaggerated image of East Europe, particularly Russia. Maybe it’s because they are so isolated, maybe it is because it is so cold; whatever the reason Russia is associated with a land of courage and hardships.

Vegetarian Borscht

Not being a vegetarian myself, and having been indoctrinated for both East and West cooking in the art of a reduced stock, it is challenging for me to cook for my vegetarian friends. In fact, I admit to being a bit vexed especially when it comes to cooking for an herbivore and omnivore mixed crowd. Upon serving certain dishes, I intone the injunction to ‘love thy neighbor’ to myself and refrain from saying, “This dish would have been five times better had I used beef bone, but there are vegetarians here.” I usually end up in a sort of compromise where a hearty vegetarian dish is served along with a meaty counterpart. For the most part I’ve found that it is indeed possible to please everyone.

The Blood In A Beet

Beets have a long history and the juice of beets has been associated with many things. Undoubtedly you have noticed that the juice of a beet is such a deep red that it very much has the appearance of blood, though it is much lighter in consistency. This has led to interesting associations, fallacies, and applications over the centuries.

What In The World Is Borscht?

When we think of borscht, we think of Russia. We also think of beets. And you would certainly be forgiven for thinking that the word borscht perhaps means beets in Russian. But it doesn’t, and it is my pleasure to reveal to you that it actually means Siberian hogweed (I’m one of the few that know that, and I had to track that information down from the common translation of ‘cow parsnip’ which is misnomer- cow parsnip is indeed in the hogweed genus, but an irritant and mildly poisonous as well).

Squeezing Blood Out Of A Beet

You can’t squeeze blood out of turnip but you can out of a beet. You have to be careful with beets in fact. They bruise easily despite their tough appearance and release juices from the slightest scratch. Beet juice will stain your clothes and is very difficult if not impossible to get out. Why is this?

So Where Do Beets Come From?

For those of you who have asked this question to yourself, the answer is surprisingly nowhere near Russia or even Poland, but rather beets, or ‘sea beets’ to be more exact, have their humble origin in the Mediterranean where they were first cultivated. Over time they moved north obviously to Eastern Europe where they became a robust cultivator.

How To Eat A Beet

The best and most popular way to eat beets- or beets to be accurate- is in borscht. Everyone knows this, and even people who hate beets love borscht. At least, everyone I have served borscht to has loved it. The fact is that there are many leafy vegetables such as chard and kale that are technically beets (better known as spinach beets), but for the sake of brevity let us confine ourselves to the root vegetable.

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