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Eat In, Not Out – 5 Ways to Ditch the Drive-Thru

Are you a drive-thru diva? Be honest! How many times a week do you do the fast food drive-thru?

How to Cook Pinto Beans, A Great Vegetarian Protein

Indigenous people have been eating protein rich beans for thousands of years. Pinto beans have been used in Mexico for a long time and now are also popular particularly in the southwestern US. Mexican influenced cuisine is based around pinto beans, using them in many popular dishes including chili, tostadas, burritos, dips, and soups. The taste of pinto beans is only appealing when prepared and seasoned correctly. Follow these instructions to turn dry pinto beans into moist, tender, delicious vegetarian protein source.

Baking With Yeast: 12 Tips for Beginners

Yeast is a alive, a fungus that makes bread and bread products smell and taste better. Learning to bake with yeast takes time and experimentation. If you’ve never used it, these baking tips will get you started.

Sweet Potatoes – Are They Really a Miracle Food?

I think there are two primary reasons why sweet potatoes are just incredible, their ability to grow under all conditions, and their great nutritional content. Sweet potatoes have a lot of complex carbohydrates (no simple sugars), are high in dietary fiber, as well as good levels of vitamin C, B6, and beta carotene. Sweet potatoes are relatively resilient crops, tend to prosper in most weather conditions and do not have a lot of natural enemies.

A Guide To Roasted Vegetables: More Than Just A Roasted Vegetable Recipe!

If you’re bored of your usual vegetable side dishes, roasted vegetables are an awesome change of pace. Unlike boiling or steaming, roasting vegetables caramelizes them and intensifies their natural flavor. And it’s easy to add herbs and spices to suit your tastes, so you end up with a whole new, wonderful dish. Find out how to roast vegetables in this guide!

The Healthiest Foods In Our Kitchen

Many people are looking to get healthy, and the first place to begin is our kitchen. Healthy eating should start at home. All our meals are made in the kitchen, so it needs to be stocked with the right foods.

What Ingredients Make The Best Easy Dinner Recipes For The Family?

Other than on Thanksgiving Day, there is not one household I have found where someone wants to spend all day cooking in the kitchen. In fact, most families I know would want to spend the least amount of time in the kitchen possible on a day to day basis. This means there is a desire to focus on quick and easy dinner recipes.

Why We Need Easy Dinner Recipes For The Family

It seems we are always running. In our family there is, more often than not, too much to do and not enough time to do it. When the parents get home from work, the last thing anyone really wants to do is to spend hours in the kitchen.

Eco-Friendly Food – Buy Local Produce

Where do you start when you want to make eco-friendly food choices? Step one: buy local produce and promote numerous environmental and economic benefits along the way.

How to Cook Turkey Without Drying Out Its Meat

It is essential to cook your turkey at a sufficiently high temperature so it is safe to eat, but be careful not to overcook it, and although high-roasted turkeys yield crispy and crunchy breast meat, the tendency is to get a bit dry meat from roasting. Learning the secret to a delicious turkey centerpiece is all in knowing how to cook it.

Three Tips for Making Quick Bread Recipes – It Is Fast Becoming an Addiction for a Good Reason

Once you have discovered the wonderful world of trying quick bread recipes, it is likely that you will become addicted to finding more recipes to try. Favorite quick bread recipes that you can try include delicious banana bread, apple and walnut bread, mixed berry bread or a pumpkin bread. Here are three tips to help you make quick bread successfully

Blanching – An Important Technique

Blanching is not only a gardening technique but also a useful cooking term. It is also a technique which is widely used when you want to preserve your vegetables for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blanching

Blanching which is a popular technique is now widely used in the kitchen as a cooking method.Maybe you are a little confused and have some questions about blanching.

Blanching Vegetables

Blanching is the cooking technique by which vegetables are barely cooked as a way to enhance the flavor, color and texture. Blanching is also treated as a good method of processing before the vegetable preservation in the freezer. Meanwhile, it’s also effective in loosening the skins of the vegetables and fruits like tomatoes and peaches.

Tips On Great Presentation Of Food To Work Up An Appetite

In our fast-paced lifestyle nowadays, eating simple and eating out seems to be the norm. According to traditional Chinese medicine, life is about balance, the yin and yang, the strong and weak, the good and bad. Health maintenance should always be top priority in a person’s life.

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