I put 1 kg (2.2 lb) of PORK meat in the OVEN and my GUESTS have asked the RECIPE

Top 10 Tips for Football Food

As far as a football party is concerned, a big screen TV isn’t going to get you anywhere without a lot of tasty game snacks. Here are 10 ideas to get you started.

Smart Cooking With Cookery Advice For A Healthy You

Cooking has different meanings for different people. Its meaning varies from person to person. For some it is a part of everyday life, for some a hobby and for some it is therapeutic. A mother cooks for her children and in return gets the most precious gift, a smile on her family’s face.

Top 5 Benefits of Juicing Yams

Yams are recently being re-discovered as a great source of several essential vitamins and minerals. They are high in beta carotene and Vitamins B1 and B6 which are beneficial to people with heart problems. It works by repairing damaged blood vessels. Yams are also high in potassium which is good for controlling cholesterol and blood pressure. Yams are also great source of fiber, manganese and carbohydrates not to mention Vitamin A, Calcium and Vitamin C.

Top Tips and Tricks to Make Use of Your Food Leftovers

There are many diverse things which you can do when it comes to food leftovers. Therefore, it truly is a pity that some folks toss out uneaten food at the end of a meal. With a little bit of research, you, too, can soon be on the way to converting your own food leftovers into something delicious.

How To Make Chicken Gumbo

It is never too late to learn how to make chicken gumbo. If you have some experience in the kitchen, and you know how to follow instructions, then you can learn how to make chicken gumbo.

Baking Bread by Hand or Using a Bread Maker

For many who want fresh, homemade bread in their kitchens, the prospect of buying a fancy electronic bread maker is an appetizing one. But bread baking purists may argue as to their limitations. In truth, most electronic bread makers do an excellent job, provided you don’t intend to ask more of them than they can handle.

Top 10 Sugar-Reducing Tips

Assuming that you don’t have an underlying health problem, you don’t need to examine every label on every food item you buy in order to cut back on sugar in a meaningful way. Following are 10 simple ways to reduce the sugar in your diet almost effortlessly.

Steps for Making Wonderful Cupcakes

To make wonderful cupcakes, there are a few things that you are going to need to get right such as the recipe, baking, frosting etc. By following a few simple steps, you’ll be well on your way towards making wonderful cupcakes that will be perfect for your special occasion.

4 Tips for Making Great Chinese Food at Home

Chinese food is one of the most popular ethnic cuisines in North America. There are more than 40,000 Chinese restaurants in the US alone. Many people think that Chinese cooking is difficult and complicated, but it really isn’t…

5 Essential Things for A New Kitchen

You could be newlyweds fixing up your OWN home, or a student fixing up his apartment, or a couple moving out to a new home, you can never really seem to figure out what items are needed in the kitchen. Remember that without the proper and essential kitchen tools and implements, your cooking will be limited.

Ideas and Suggestions on Side Dishes for Salmon

  Salmon is one of the favorite options among fish lovers. With its rich texture and flavor, salmon simply tastes great whether it is grilled, baked in the oven, pan-seared or smoked; even canned salmon has a unique taste that goes well with salad. Salmon also has great health benefits with its rich protein and omega-3 contents.

One Cookie Recipe Can Yield Many Flavors By Using Extracts and Spices Wisely

You only have time for one cookie recipe. How can you introduce a variety of flavors to a single recipe with the least amount of work? Here are some tips and shortcuts to make your baking life a little easier and a lot more flavorful.

Cooking Tips for Aspiring Cooks

To cook well, one of the items that you should spend some money on is your cookware. Investing in the best cookware set is extremely valuable as these pots and pans serve as the foundation for all of your cooking. You will want to extend the life of these tools as long as possible. Cooking is so much easier if you use high quality cookware.

How to Eat Healthy By Using a Blender

People are becoming more conscious and are aware that proper nutrition is the key to living a healthy lifestyle. If you’re thinking that you want to start eating healthy, but aren’t sure how to do so, then look no further. Tips in this article should help you along your way.

How To Cook Fish Using An Oven

The three basic methods for oven cooking fish are baking, broiling and oven frying. Any fish can be cooked in an oven, but some of these methods work better than others for specific kinds and cuts of fish.

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