I prepare them every SUNDAY! My KIDS adore these rolls

How to Cook Prime Rib Roast

A tantalizing main course dish, prime rib suits any special occasion. Most people tremble in fear when they think of cooking, carving and serving their own prime rib roast creation. But rest assured that it is not nearly as difficult to do as it seems.

Comfort Food For Cold Weather (Or Just Because You Feel Like It)

When temperatures hover below freezing and snow and ice cover the ground in some parts of the country many folks are home bound and cooking or gathering in the kitchen often feels comforting. Kitchens are traditionally warm, inviting places for folks to gather.

Best Packed Meals to Take on the Road

The life of a long distance lorry driver can sometimes be lonely and monotonous and it’s not uncommon to look for company and comfort in the bottom of a fast food bag. But, as many drivers find out to their detriment, getting into the habit of grabbing food on the go, or snacking on sweets and chocolates, can lead to strange thickenings around the waistline! Transport contracts, by their very nature, can mean that a driver may be on the road for two or even three meals a day.

Important Tips For Better Cooking

If you have started cooking all of a sudden you can read this article to enhance the flavor and quality of your dishes. There are a few tips that you can learn in order to improve your way of cooking.

Easy Cooking Substitutions

If you do any amount of serious baking, you are going to run out of something you really need one day. The dilemma of running to the store of substituting will run through your mind. Whether or not you run to the store depends on whether you have the extra time. Of course, using the specified ingredients is always best, as texture and flight flavor differences can occur. But if you can’t spare the time running to the store or borrow that ingredient from the neighbor, there are some handy substitutions to keep in mind.

Egg Ring Helpful Hints

A basic description of what an egg ring is and a few tips for purchasing them. A good guide if you know nothing about them.

Cuisinart Food Processors – Top 10 Reasons to Love Them

What could possibly be better than having a Cuisinart food processor on your counter-top ready to be put into action? For most cooks there are hundreds of different reasons for them to fall in love with this small but powerful kitchen appliance. These kitchen helpers have made their mark in homes across the country and the technology just keeps getting better.

How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Smokers

Outdoor cooking can turn a simple family meal into an adventure. Outdoor smokers are a great way to add mouth watering flavor and aroma to any kind of meat. Once you go out looking for that perfect one, you’ll be overwhelmed by the variety available in the market! Outdoor smokers come in all shapes and sizes, with different fuel requirements and a wide range of price tags! So how do you choose the right one? The situation becomes even more confusing if you are buying an outdoor smoker for the first time.

Enjoying Vietnamese Noodle Dishes in Many Ways

Among the meals in the Vietnamese cuisine, the Vietnamese noodle dishes are one of the most popular. In Vietnam, noodles are another staple in the meal. Thus, many Vietnamese dishes have been created so that they can enjoy their meals in many ways.

How to Make the Best Deep Fried Oysters at Home

Seeing that we are faced with financial strains, many of us are not left with the luxury to go and spend regular amounts of cash at restaurants that we love going to. There is always a restaurant that everyone has which you only visit for one particular dish. In many cases the dish is deep fried oysters

12 Keys to Healthy Cooking

Do you find that it is difficult to cook a healthy meal for you and your family? These 12 easy steps make cooking a breeze!

How to Make Healthy Starter Recipes

Starters kick your dinner party off in style and give your guests a taste of the delicious meal to come. But what can you serve if you want to keep the starter recipes healthy? Actually there are plenty of options.

Your Favorite Restaurant Style Cooking at Home

How would you like to eat out, in? Having your favorite restaurant recipes at home can be fun for the whole family.

Chinese Vegetable Recipes – Make Delicious Food by Taking Care of These Three Factors

When it comes to Chinese vegetable recipes, three things combined are very important to come up with a delicious and nutritious dish of the Eastern style. Specifically, they are the vegetable, the supplementary ingredients and the seasonings. In this article, I am going to share some tips on how to cook perfect Chinese vegetables with the examples that are very popular in Chinese cooking.

How to Cook a Terrific Rib Eye Steak

If you are looking for an easy to cook steak that is tender and very appetizing, then the Rib Eye cut is your best choice. There is a very down-to-earth method to cooking a rib eye that will impress all at the table. Here is my method.

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